Pain Relief with Instruments

Both Doctor Dembowski and Doctor Browne use adjusting instruments like the Erchonia brand Adjustor and Percussor to relieve pain and promote balance. We practice low force adjusting which is segment specific, pain-free and provides back pain relief.

Pain Relief with the Adjustor

Pain relief with the adjustor atlanta, gaThe Adjustor is a hand held chiropractic adjusting device that delivers a gentle, low force thrust which is both comfortable and relatively painless. This equals a very dynamic adjustment without the chiropractor having to “force” or “pop” spinal bones into alignment.






Pain Relief with the Percussor

Pain relief with the percussor atlanta, gaThe Percussor is a hand held chiropractic device designed to use percussion as a treatment for musculoskeletal pain relief and fascial restrictions. The clinical benefits of the percussor include a reduction or elimination of the frequency and intensity of myofascial pain, increased range of motion, and an improved ability to participate in activities of normal daily living.