How to Use Coolsculpting to Get Your Spring Break Bod

According to research from the Colorado University Extension, 50 million people diet to attempt weight loss in the United States; unfortunately, only 2.5 million of those individuals are successful in their efforts (5% of all dieters). Since those figures are so abysmal, people who want to lose extra pounds often use weight-loss lifestyle modifications, along with safe and effective fat-reduction medical treatment.

Lifestyle changes to lose weight include the following strategies:

  • cutting carbs in half
  • doubling your veggies
  • incorporating cardio activities (e.g. jumping jacks) into strength training
  • using interval training
  • reducing your consumption of liquid calories (e.g. alcohol, lattes, energy drinks)
  • replacing coffee with green tea and fresh lemon juice
  • prioritizing your sleep.

Beyond those do-it-yourself weight loss tactics, you may also need body contouring through Coolsculpting to reduce fat, yielding the best physique for spring break and the rest of the beach season.

How Does Coolsculpting Work?

A team at Harvard University found that children who ate popsicles would sometimes get small dimples in their cheeks. The researchers, R. Rox Anderson, MD, and Dieter Manstein, MD, concluded that the dimples were formed by the popsicles, which were freezing tiny sections of fat cells. The notion that fat cells could be eliminated through freezing, while the nearby skin and non-fat tissue could be preserved, created the basis for cryolipolysis (the foundation of Coolsculpting).

Coolsculpting is a safe and effective method to direct cooling energy with precision, carefully and successfully reducing the fat tissue beneath the skin. Freezing crystalizes the fat cells, which in turn die. Over the days and weeks ahead, your body rids itself of the dead fat cells. With fewer fat cells, your body naturally starts to become fitter, allowing you to trim down for spring break or the summer.

Is Coolsculpting Effective?

The research on this treatment is sound. An analysis published in the Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dentistry in 2014 looked at cryolipolysis in contrast to other noninvasive adipose tissue (fat) reduction techniques, including high-intensity focused ultrasound, low-level laser, and radiofrequency. Cryolipolysis has a longer commercial background than any of the other methods, and the scientific evidence that backs its use is the most extensive (including randomized controlled clinical trials).

The scientists discovered that cryolipolysis was effective in nearly 7 of 8 cases (86%), stimulating removal of up to 25% of subcutaneous fat with a single treatment.

Moving Forward With Spring Break Weight Loss and Fat Reduction

Do you want to look your best for the sunny seasons? At Atlanta Medical Clinic, we improve quality-of-life and offer treatments that are validated with results – such as Coolsculpting. Get the body you want without surgery.

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