A Message to Our Patients Regarding COVID-19

At Atlanta Medical Clinic, the wellbeing and safety of our patients is of utmost importance. It always has, and always will be the reason we opened our doors so many years ago – to improve the lives of everyone we can.

During this difficult time, Atlanta Medical Clinic wants our patients to know we are here for you.

  • If you’re in pain, we’re here to help.
  • If you have questions, we’re here to answer them.
  • And if you need treatment, we’re here to provide it.

To that end, while taking additional precautions, we now are offering new ways in which we can assist you in this time of crisis.

Injury Care

During this time we are willing and able to see patients outside our usual scope of treatment to care for most types of injury. We want to offer this solution so that patients are able to avoid going to the emergency room, where there’s a much higher risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Video Consultations Are Now Available

If you have questions, are in pain, or need our medical attention in any way – we want you to know we are here for you. To that end, we are offering video consultations for all existing patients. Simply call the main number, and a member of our staff will make the arrangements for you to speak with one of our medical professionals.

We Are Still Seeing Patients

During this time, we are still OPEN and serving our patients with extra precautions in place to minimize the risk of COVID-19.

We want to underline the efforts we undergo to maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of our facilities, along with methods of social distancing to protect all patients:

  • We strictly limit the number of people in the clinic at any one time, and schedule accordingly.
  • We ask that friends and family members wait outside during your visit.
  • Anyone with a temperature is asked to cancel their appointment
  • Our staff is regularly disinfecting surfaces, counters, seats, and door handles throughout the day
  • Daily sanitation and disinfection of all equipment with professional-grade antibacterial cleaner
  • Used masks, syringes, wipes, gloves, and tissues are removed safely and are disposed of daily
  • Hand sanitizer is available in locations throughout our establishment

If you aren’t feeling well, please cancel your appointment with no penalty.

We appreciate your cooperation as we take these proactive steps to take care of each other and ourselves. We will update our website daily. For the most up-to-date information regarding coronavirus, visit the WHO or CDC website.

​​​​​​​-Team AMC

Atlanta Medical Supplement

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Safe, Non-Surgical Solutions for Treating Knee Pain

If you’re suffering from knee pain, you’re certainly not alone. From osteoarthritis to injury to wear-and-tear, it affects millions of people every day. In fact, the prevalence of knee pain is an estimated 19% of the population. And as you get older, you’re more likely to suffer. It’s no wonder why knee surgery is one of the most common operating procedures in the US.

Yet today, more healthcare professionals question the abundance of knee surgery. A 2013 study compared two-year outcomes of patients who received surgery versus a placebo group, receiving a “sham” procedure. The authors concluded that there was “no significant between group changes.” Meaning – those who received a fake procedure were no better off than the group with real knee surgery.

Luckily, there are solutions – no surgery or pills required. Read on for Atlanta Medical Clinic’s treatment for patients with knee pain.

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The knee is the largest and one of the most complex joints in the body, and with a number of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other soft tissues in play, a variety of conditions can develop that can lead to sensitivity, pain, and even loss of function. When it comes to getting fast and effective care, your integrated wellness is only as good as your medical team, and that’s why there’s no better choice for knee pain treatments than Atlanta Medical Clinic.

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Back pain can be a debilitating condition that affects every aspect of your life. Because it involves the spine, which is the central axis of the body, everything from head to toe can be affected when pain, inflammation and stiffness radiate outward from the joints in this space. Many people think that back pain comes from an injury, but there are many surprising causes to consider. Here are some of the most effective ways for the medical team at Atlanta Medical Clinic to provide relief and pain management

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How Diabetes Impacts Vein Health

Diabetes rates are on the rise, and aside from the initial effects of the condition, those with the disease need to be concerned about lesser-known complications that develop over time. High blood sugar levels begin to have an impact on the vessels of the circulatory system, which lead to issues like venous insufficiency, and ultimately problems like amputations. What is the relationship between diabetes and circulation, and how do complications like amputation arise?

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A quick bump, scratch or scrape is a normal part of life – even well after our playground and tree-climbing days are behind us. But for a diabetic, these small wounds can take days, months or even years to finally heal due to damage to the circulatory and nervous systems. If left untreated, these diabetic wounds can escalate into an urgent situation. Two keys to avoid serious complications: prevention and proactivity.

Atlanta Medical Clinic is a patient-focused medical center that provides world-class diabetic wound care and wound care treatments for those in need. All of our services are covered by insurance and we work directly with the patients to ensure they comply with the necessary follow up treatments so that our patients’ wounds can heal safely. Here are 5 critically important things that diabetics need to know about wound care.

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The Dangers of Ignoring a Diabetic Wound

Diabetes diagnoses are rising at epidemic rates, nearly doubling to almost 10% of the American population since the 1980s.  Still another 85 million are living with pre-diabetic conditions, which can lead to the disease within 5 years. While many of us know about complications related to diabetes, like metabolic disorders, increased risk for heart attacks and stroke, kidney failure, and retinopathy which can lead to blindness, there isn’t as much understanding around issues like venous insufficiency and diabetic wounds. What causes diabetic wounds, and why is ignoring them so dangerous?

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