How Weight Loss May Help Treat Osteoarthritis in Obese Patients

We all know physical fitness is essential to premium health, but specific research reveals medical issues that can be especially aggravated by excess weight. A recent study, published in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (1), suggests that weight loss can help combat osteoarthritis – reducing both the likelihood of its onset and continuing ill effects on the body.

The report is based on numerous studies that have been conducted on weight loss as a potential deterrent of osteoarthritis. The general consensus of the previous research is that the significant correlation between the two health challenges could mean that obesity transforms the body into an osteoarthritic environment: prolific generation of inflammatory compounds, greater propensity toward pain, and reduced range of motion in the extremities.

Weight loss to prevent osteoarthritis

Perhaps the most shocking finding presented in the article is how profoundly weight loss benefits the knees. Obesity is such a strong trigger for knee osteoarthritis, the study found, that 1 out of every 2 instances of joint deterioration in that part of the body could be curbed if weight were reduced in patients. Although that statistic is startling, it makes sense that extra pounds disallow one’s joints to function properly.

One reason weight loss can prevent osteoarthritis is due to a substance in the body that becomes more prevalent during obesity. Produced by the endocrine system, white adipose tissue (WAT) stimulates the body to have inflammatory responses to physical activities and bodily processes. Furthermore, when under the stress of obesity, the body’s fascia and tendons become more susceptible to pain, and high blood pressure and pre-diabetes become more likely to arise.

Weight loss benefits for the knees are not limited to the pain of osteoarthritis. In severe cases of the disease, the cartilage becomes so degraded that the knee has to be replaced. Weight loss could avoid an extraordinary number of surgeries to replace the knee – over 111,000 each year, according to the research.

The authors of the study believe that weight loss is an extraordinarily powerful way to treat osteoarthritis. Many physicians, they suggest, need to be more conscious of the degree to which weight disorders and osteoarthritis are connected.

Optimal success with weight loss

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April 6, 2020