prp treatments
Available for the last 20 years in Europe, the FDA approved PRP Treatments in the United States after years of testing to support the effectiveness of this treatment.

PRP Treatments consist of drawing a tiny amount of blood that is placed into a centrifuge to divide your platelet rich plasma. The growth factors in your platelet rich plasma encourages quick healing and new cell growth.

At Atlanta Medical, we utilize advanced imaging to accurately target your joint damage. Then, PRP is injected precisely into your damaged area where it acts as an accelerant to endorse rapid healing, expedite repair and regenerate cartilage and injured connective tissues in your joint. Since PRP comes from your own blood, it is very safe and has allowed many people to avoid the cost and complications of surgery.

PRP Treatments and Stem Cells

stem cellsThe combination of PRP with amniotic derived stem cells has grow into one of the most impressive advancements in Regenerative Medicine today. With the addition of stem cells to our PRP treatment, the growth factors from the PRP direct the stem cells to regenerate connective tissue and cartilage as well as decrease and block inflammation.

The amniotic derived stem cells are “pluripotent”, which means these cells can develop into any type of cell in your body. So if a patient, for instance, has severe cartilage damage to a knee, those knee cartilage cells will have a particular fingerprint. Once the stem cells are injected into your injured area, they will copy and reproduce your exact cartilage cells. So now, rather than just assisting to heal your injured tissue and cartilage, we can actually grow new tissue, add thickness to your cartilage and recover what has been lost.

When PRP is supervised in conjunction with stem cells, the growth factors in the PRP act as an accelerant, stimulating faster growth of your new cells and connective tissue. If you think of planting new grass, the stem cells are the grass seed and the growth factors in the PRP are the water, fertilizer and the sun. This innovative treatment at Atlanta Medical Clinic can repair, renew and regenerate injured cartilage and connective tissue and increase the growth of new and healthy connective tissue and cartilage.

The future of non-surgical joint treatment is available now at Atlanta Medical Clinic.

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