Our chair massage technique targets the manipulation of the soft tissues on your upper body, including; your head, neck, back and your shoulders that are generally the source of frequent tension. When seated in this massage chair, our therapists have easy access to these key areas, and the result is a targeted massage to pinpoint exact areas of tension on your body.

The muscles of your back, neck, and shoulders are subjected to everyday stress and usually, these stresses can cause your body tissue to become stiff and sore. Our therapists usually use their elbows with their hands to apply pressure to your affected areas and muscle groups during your chair massage. The outcome of this tender manipulation of tissue is muscle relaxation and the removal of stress and tension.

Therefore, massage therapy plays a huge role in pain management. Muscle knots are usually the cause of aches and pains, particularly in your neck. The muscle group in your neck is generally the origin of pain that spreads throughout your shoulders, upper back, chest, arms, hands, and the side of your head. Our skilled therapists can effectively target these muscle groups when you are sitting in the massage chair as well as release painful trigger points, providing relief.

Enhanced Circulation

When your muscles relax, it is easier for blood to reach your body’s tissues, resulting in better blood circulation. Our therapists also utilize particular techniques to manipulate your muscles and help guide blood through your tissues. The enhanced circulation that comes from this massage allows nutrients and oxygen to move easily into your muscles and encourages waste products to move from your muscles into your bloodstream, where they are removed from your body.

Our physicians may ask about your tobacco and alcohol use. We may also discuss health topics like weight control and exercise.

Hands On Touch

In addition to these physical benefits, therapeutic massage also provides many psychological benefits. While sitting in the chair, you are both mentally and physically relaxed, experience lower levels of anxiety, and enhanced awareness and clarity of thought. As a result, our patients usually report improvements in sleep habits as well as lower stress/anxiety levels following regular sessions.

Added Convenience

Chair massage is usually more accessible than full-body massages that normally take place on a massage table. Some of our patients, especially those who are older or might be challenged with physical limitations sometimes have more troubles on a traditional massage table. Our chair massages make it easier for everyone to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of massage.