While you rest comfortably, H-Wave electro-therapeutic treatment painlessly sends low-voltage electrical impulses through electrode pads on your skin to stimulate muscles and nerves and encourage healing. Most patients discover H-Wave’s rhythmic pulses are very relaxing. Patients usually feel pain relief after one or two 30-minute treatments.

H-Wave Therapy’s ultra-low frequency stimulation improves circulation and enhances fluid shifts in tissues, dealing with the inflammation that creates your pain. It works by causing comfortable but strong muscle contractions that enhance your body’s fluids in the treatment area.

Receiving the H-Wave Electro Therapy at Atlanta Medical Clinic also can provide high-frequency stimulation that acts with an anesthetic effect, stopping the pain cycle altogether with lasting pain relief following treatment. It stops pain well enough to be used by dentists as electro-anesthesia. More than 40 pro sports teams use H-Wave Electro Therapy to treat athlete’s pain.

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