cold laser therapyOur doctors may use the FDA approved Erchonia PL-5000 Cold Laser to stimulate your body to repair a painful area.

Some of the biological benefits of low level laser therapy are anti-inflammatory, edema reduction, reduced fibrous tissue formation and increased tissue activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Erchonia Cold Laser?

The Erchonia Cold Laser is a true laser, fully compliant to the definitions set forth by those great men of science such as Bose and Einstein who predicted laser in 1924. Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. According to Webster’s Dictionary, lasers are coherent or marked by logical consistency. The Erchonia Laser produces an emission of coherent light, generated at a precise and stable frequency, and in a focused direction.

How does the Erchonia Cold Laser Therapy work?

The Erchonia Laser is a weak stimulus at a precise wavelength of light, tuned to produce an optimal physical effect. The strong effects of this painless and safely tuned laser light are truly amazing!

The biological law known as Arnt-Schultz shows that such a weak stimulus can cause strong physiological responses, while stronger stimuli can retard or even stop responses by the body!

Because the Erchonia is a ‘line’ laser, it only produces 1 mw of energy – considered a weak stimulus. With an optimized wavelength of 635 nm, the laser stimulates the body’s systemic defenses, nerves and repair mechanisms.

How do we use the Erchonia Cold Laser?

We here at Atlanta Medical Clinic are able to use the Erchonia Cold Laser Therapy to assist all healing modalities in our office due to its unique properties. It has been especially useful in helping people with headaches, migraines, athletic injuries, strains and sprains, muscle spasm, muscle weakness, stiff joints, arthritis, and chronic pain just to name a few. Treatments are painless and short in duration.

What are the therapeutic effects of Cold Laser Treatment?

During each painless procedure, laser energy increases your blood circulation, drawing oxygen, water and nutrients to your injured area. This achieves an optimal healing environment that decreases inflammation, swelling, muscle spasms, stiffness and pain. As your injured area returns to normal, function is restored and pain is alleviated.

What Makes Our Laser Therapy Unique?

Our laser therapy uses specific light wavelengths that have anti-edema and anti-inflammatory that affects your cell tissues. The laser develops photons of energy that painlessly puncture into your tissue cells, accelerating your body’s natural healing process. As a reaction from this, your tendons, ligaments and muscles fix themselves quicker. Therefore, any painful conditions escorted by inflammation and swelling benefit from this therapy.

Laser Therapy is an acceptable treatment for pain conditions such as soft tissue injuries, tendon and ligament injuries, muscle strains and tears, sore muscles and joints, degenerative joint conditions and more.

What are the benefits of Laser Therapy?

  • Relief of chronic pain, such as arthritis
  • Relief of acute pain, such as an injury or trauma
  • Strong anti-inflammatory effect
  • Stimulates healing of damaged tissue
  • Speeds recovery of the structural integrity of your injured region

Our laser therapy treatments lasts about 10-15 minutes and does not need any local anesthesia. In order to achieve optimal and sometimes long-lasting results, a series of 6-10 treatments is acknowledged.

Do studies demonstrate healing properties of the Erchonia Cold Laser?

Yes, multiple studies had to be conducted in order to receive FDA clearance. One study included the use of the Laser in the treatment of chronic neck and shoulder pain. The conclusion was that the Erchonia Cold Laser was an effective single treatment option for chronic neck and shoulder pain resulting from Osteoarthritis, Muscle Spasms, or cervical/thoracic sprain/strain conditions.

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