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If you suffer from migraines or chronic headaches you understand that sometimes going about your day can be an impossible task. But did you know that you no longer need to endure the pain? Atlanta Medical Clinic offers a sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) nerve block, a quick and non-invasive treatment for migraines and chronic head pain. In this procedure medication is injected directly into the SPG nerves, which are responsible for the pain felt during migraine and cluster headaches, providing immediate relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sphenopalatine Ganglion (SPG)?

The SPG is an assortment of nerves in the pterygopalatine fossa, an inverted cone-shaped cavity located behind your nose. The SPG incorporates sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves (responsible for involuntary bodily actions, such as digestion) as well as a few sensory nerves.

It is thought that your SPG plays a part in head pain and certain cluster headache symptoms, such as nasal congestion and swollen eyelids. The exact function is not yet understood, but electrical stimulations of your SPG can cause cluster headache and migraine symptoms.

How Does an SPG Nerve Block Work?

When a nerve becomes sensitized, sympathetic activity can cause you pain. An SPG nerve block distributes medication right to your collection of nerve cells. It stops the sympathetic activity of your SPG which, in turn, can stop your pain.

Located deep in your midface, your SPG is difficult to reach. Older nerve block procedures were unreliable and painful, with doctors trying to access your SPG with a needle through your jaw joint or a Q-tip through your nasal passages.

What’s Special About Atlanta Medical’s Nerve Block?

Atlanta Medical Clinic offers a revolutionary nerve block procedure that’s quick, comfortable, and effective.

What Our Patients Are Saying?

“I’m amazed at the effectiveness of it, the way that it’s not invasive, and it’s not painful. It’s an easy thing to do.” –Laura Nash

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To schedule a free consultation with a migraine specialist at Atlanta Medical Clinic, or to learn more about the Allevio SPG Nerve Block Catheter, call us at 404-872-8837.

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