As a patient at Atlanta Medical Clinic, you will be treated in our multidisciplinary clinic. Our clinic has a team of medical doctors, chiropractic physicians, physical therapists and health care professionals who are experts in their specialties. This multidisciplinary approach means you will get the best treatment possible: a treatment plan tailored to you.

Medical & Therapeutic Injections- A Shot Of Relief

You may not like the idea of getting a shot, but injections often help relieve pain and inflammation and help improve joint movement. To control your pain, our doctors can inject medication directly into your problem area instead of prescribing pills. Injections are not a cure, but they can help you through a period of intense pain. Injections are used to relieve knee pain, low back pain, hip pain, and many other conditions resulting from acute injuries, overuse injuries and medical conditions such as arthritis.

joint injections

nerve blocks

spg nerve block

Chiropractic Techniques- Comprehensive Wellness Care, Injury Treatment & Prevention

Enjoy our state-of-the art chiropractic facility in Atlanta, GA and discover your true healthy lifestyle. We’ll show you the natural way to better health without the use of expensive prescription medications. Chiropractic treats musculoskeletal problems such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica and numbness.

spinal decompression

modern chiropractic

Electrotherapy Treatments- Benefits Of A Short Shock

Electrotherapy is a type of transcutaneous (goes through your skin) nerve and muscle stimulation by an electrical current. Electrotherapy treatments can help increase your blood circulation and help build strength in muscles, tendons, and ligaments – especially following injury. Electrotherapy often helps reduce swelling and inflammation, which can accelerate your healing process. It is useful in restoring normal freedom and range of motion if you suffer with stiffness or limitation of movement.

detox foot baths

cold laser therapy

h-wave electro-therapy

electro acupuncture