Atlanta Medical Weight Loss Program

You’ve tried the diets, and cutting carbs but that didn’t work. You’ve probably signed up for multiple exercise classes and found out it was more than you bargained for with little weight loss. There are numerous weight loss programs and diet plans available but few are done with the guidance of a multidisciplinary medical clinic. The Atlanta Medical Weight Loss Program was developed with the medical expertise of our doctors and nutritionists. This program takes each patient through a comprehensive health exam, BMI data, and patient feedback.

Then we develop a custom program to help you set short and long-term goals to lose weight. By blending a home-energetic vitamin and a specialized weight loss oral spray with timely eating this program will mobilize fat cells and increase your metabolism. The results will be a smaller waistline and improved self-confidence.

The physicians and clinical staff will closely monitor your progress and modify the program if needed. Each patient’s body changes at different rates and often times the initial plan needs to be adapted to help you keep the weight off.

Results may vary but we can safely state that on average patients that follow our medical weight loss program lose up to 1 lb. per day. The target is to shed 30 lbs. in the first month and then work to continue weight loss for the recommended program duration of 4 months.

What To Expect

Our adult wellness exams may involve screening lab tests or X-rays or shots. These services are usually part of an annual physical:

Our physicians may ask about your tobacco and alcohol use. We may also discuss health topics like weight control and exercise.

How to Lose Weight Naturally?

Our program consists of three major components: Medical, Nutrition, and Physical. The clinically developed program is monitored by our doctors and uses proprietary advanced weight and appetite support supplements to get your body into a fat-burning mode.  The Atlanta Medical Weight loss program does not include hCG shots or prescription appetite medication.

We complement the supplemental fat-burning phase with a timed nutrition component that elevates your metabolism. Then a recommended fitness program focuses on increasing physical activity to increase daily calorie burn.  This is not required as part of the program but will maximize your results.

We’ve outlined the elements we use in each component and are available to answer any specific questions regarding our medical weight loss program. Contact us for a free consultation.

Natural Medical Weight Loss Components

  • Diagnostic Test – Initial Exam: BMI Data, Body Fat Percentage, (Food Sensitivity Testing Optional)
  • ENDURE B12 Supplements – Increase energy to help burn calories and mobilize stored fat
  • ADVANCED Oral Spray – Enhances your metabolism to get into fat burning mode
  • Natural Appetite Suppressants – Curb the cravings to manage calorie intake
  • EASE Digestive Supplement- Regulate digestion to help detoxify the body
  • Weekly Meal Program – Detailed schedule, meal suggestions and snack options
  • Vitamin Supplement – Specialized weight loss formula of pharmaceutical grade vitamins and minerals
  • Patient Education – Guide to help maintain healthy habits, shopping lists, and lifestyle changes
  • Patient are encouraged to do cardiovascular – Low to moderate aerobic exercise for maximum calorie burn
Bottom line, the supplemental vitamin and advanced oral spray components help your body burn fat at a faster rate and the diet and exercise components aid in advancing the weight loss while teaching you the essentials to keep it off. The result is a whole new you with more confidence and a smaller waistline.

Promotional weight loss packages start at under $7 per day.