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Pain Management Treatment Options

Atlanta Medical Clinic is a multidisciplinary pain management clinic that focuses on relieving pain at the source.  It is extremely important that we help our patients avoid invasive surgical procedures while providing drug free solutions to rehabilitate the area and provide long-term pain relief.   Every patient is unique with very different symptoms, history and treatment response, therefore our pain management programs are customized so each individual will achieve results.

We are successful at treating osteoarthritis, knee pain, back pain, neck pain, and neuropathy.  The pain management treatments provided by our Atlanta medical team combine the knowledge and experience of Medical Doctors, Physical Therapist, and Registered Dietitians. This allows our physicians to develop focused pain therapy programs that are comprehensive solutions to sustain a pain free quality of life.


We are successful in treating pain associated with:

  • >  Arthritis
  • >  Knee pain – Osteoarthritis
  • >  Numbness & Tingling
  • >  Pinched nerves
  • >  Bulging discs
  • >  Lower back pain
  • >  Headaches – Migraines
  • >  Sciatica
  • >  Neuropathic pain – Neuropathy
  • >  Radiating pain
  • >  Muscle weakness
  • >  Hip pain
  • >  Joint pain
  • >  Shoulder pain


As a medically integrated pain management clinic we accept most major insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid.  Contact us to learn more about our pain management care programs, and schedule a free consultation.

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Diagnosis & Pain Management Treatments

We are not a medical clinic that seeks to provide a quick solution for pain in the form of prescription drugs; rather we look to evaluate the entire body, environmental factors, diet and physical history. This detailed diagnosis includes listening to our patients during a pain assessment evaluation, review of medical records, MRI & X-ray imaging, food allergy testing and a physical exam.  Then the doctor will create a care plan tailored for your conditions to first help relieve the pain and then establish a long-term program to maintain pain relief without drugs or surgery.


Some of our treatments include:

  •  >  Knee Injections
  • >  Physical Therapy
  •  >  Spinal Decompression
  •  >  Spine Injections
  •  >  Peripheral Nerve Block
  •  >  Detoxification
  •  >  Food Allergy Testing
  •  >  H-Wave Electronic Stimulation
  •  >  Cold Laser Therapy
  •  >  Spinal Cord Stimulation


Contact Atlanta Medical Clinic to schedule a free consultation and stop living with pain, there are treatment options available from our Atlanta pain management office.  Improve your quality of life & let us help.

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Knee Pain Treatment

atlanta knee pain treatmentKnee Pain is one of the most common pain frustrations and will eventually happen to everyone as they age. In many cases the soft tissue in our knees will develop osteoarthritis due to wear and tear, old injuries, and overuse. This is basically degeneration of the knee joint cartilage. In other patients knee pain is a function of mechanics and we can reduce that pain with therapy, braces and orthotics.

Creating a Knee Pain Treatment Program

Atlanta Medical Clinic specializes in treating and preventing chronic knee pain. More importantly we strive to develop long term solutions to prevent knee surgery and total knee replacements. Proper diagnosis is the most critical stage of developing a comprehensive knee pain treatment program, and that all starts with a pain assessment evaluation. During our free consultation/pain assessment we focus on listening to our patients to determine where to start and the severity of the pain. As we develop a care plan we investigate all aspects of your health, as well as, MRI and X-Ray imaging. Then the evaluation of the scans, your feedback, and test results will provide us with the information to develop a customized knee treatment program for your symptoms.


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 We provide the full spectrum of techniques to relieve your pain:

Hyalgan injections to lubricate and aid in healing
>  Active and passive physical therapy to strengthen
>  Specialized support devices with a braces and orthotics
Low force adjustments to balance the hip and knee
>  Detoxifying/Cleaning out the joint naturally

Hyalgan Injection Therapy

Recently the use of Hyalgan has been extremely successful in treating osteoarthritis of the knee. One of the symptoms of osteoarthritis is the lack of fluid around the knee joint and this minimally invasive injection based protocol replaces this fluid with an all-natural substitute. This substance is known as Hyalgan, which lubricates the knee joint and allows for the knee to move smoothly absorbing shock and reducing knee pain.

No matter what the cause or area of the body, pain is debilitating and negatively affects your quality of life. Here at Atlanta Medical Clinic our elite staff of doctors, physical therapists, and registered dietitian will be with you every step of the way to make sure we relieve your pain properly and as fast as possible.

Contact us today at  404.872.8837  to schedule a free consultation.


We accept most major insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid.


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Back Pain Treatment


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Treatments for Back Pain Relief at Atlanta Medical Clinic:

>  Spinal Decompression
>  Spinal Injections
>  Cold Laser Therapy
>  Physical Therapy
>  Spinal Cord Stimulator


Causes of Back Pain

Back pain affects around 80% of Americans at one point in their life, Back pain can be caused by hundreds of potential factors, spinal and nerve damage from accidents can bring about strains and injuries with chronic back pain symptoms. Misalignment, caused from weight gain, poor posture, repetitive movement, and bone deterioration can also lead to chronic back pain. Once the spinal tissues are irritated, the muscles begin a splinting process and lock down the spinal joints. This splinting creates spinal joint dysfunction, swelling and inflammation.


Atlanta Medical Clinic Care Plan

The care plan from our Atlanta medical team works to restore function to the spinal joints to relieve the muscles from the splinting cycle.  The most effective treatment for this is Spinal Decompression Therapy.  This therapy relieves pressure on the disc to allow the body to heal naturally.  Once the nervous system and muscles calm down your pain will begin to subside. Far too many sufferers of back pain are quick to accept the use of medications and/or surgery as the only options, without considering other less invasive and less traumatic back pain treatments. This approach to back pain and proper care from our Atlanta medical team has created life changing results for hundreds, who now live free of back pain yet never having to undergo back surgery.

At Atlanta Medical Clinic our mission is simple we want get you out of pain, ASAP.  Then provide therapeutic care to prevent the pain from returning.   As one of the leading pain management medical clinics in Atlanta we are able to provide care from medical doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapist from one location.  This gives our patients the benefit of multidisciplinary care plans with a whole body approach to provide lasting pain relief.


Call Atlanta Medical Clinic today and schedule a free consultation.   404.872.8837

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Physical Therapy Atlanta

Everyday our bodies change and adapt to the pressures from work, stress, and daily life.  Overtime poor posture and repetitive movements develop unnatural and unhealthy body mechanics, which can lead to pain and limit mobility.  At Atlanta Medical Clinic physical therapy is a major component of our pain management treatment programs.  Since our physical therapy program is in the same clinic as our physicians the doctor can closely monitor progress and make treatment adjustments as you build strength.

Physical Therapy involves the assessment and treatment of a physical disability or deficiency.  Our elite staff of physical therapist will evaluate your body’s mechanics, and prescribe a custom program designed to enhance mobility and provide pain relief.  Patients will work with our therapists, at their own pace, to stretch and strengthening the weak and compromised areas, retrain muscle groups, and regain joint and motion control.  Thus restoring balance to the body and reducing pain.  Our therapists help our patients achieve their individualized goals with the most advanced techniques such as, H-Wave electric muscle stimulation, VibroGym balance training, cold laser therapy, foot detox, and aqua massage.

The focus of our Atlanta physical therapy team is to work with the doctors to first relieve pain and then train and restore, mobility, balance and strength to maintain a pain free quality of life.

If you experience pain during routine movements, suffer from back pain, osteoarthritis, or neuropathy then contact our clinic to learn how we can help.  We believe in our treatment programs and have successfully treated hundreds in Atlanta.

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