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Atlanta Weight Loss Program


You’ve tried the diets, and cutting carbs but that didn’t work.  You’ve probably signed up for multiple exercise classes and found out it was more than you bargained for with little weight loss.  There are numerous weight loss programs and diet plans available but few are done with the guidance of a multidisciplinary medical clinic.
The medical weight loss program by Atlanta Medical Clinic was developed with the medical expertise of our doctors and nutritionists.  This program takes each patient through a comprehensive health exam, BMI data, and patient feedback.


Then we develop a custom program to help you set short and long term goals to lose weight.   By blending a homeoengergetic vitamin and a specialized weight loss oral spary with timely eating this programe will  mobilize fat cells and increase your metabolism. The results will be a smaller waistline and an improved self-confidence.


The physicians and clinical staff will closely monitor your progress and modify the program if needed.  Each patient’s body changes at different rates and often times the initial plan needs to be adapted to help you keep the weight off.


Results may vary but we can safely state that on average patients that follow our medical weight loss program lose up to 1 lb. per day.  The target is to shed 30 lbs. in the first month and then work to continue weight loss for the recommended program duration of 4 months.



You could lose up to 60 lbs!

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