Successfully managing diabetes is the best way to prevent diabetic symptoms from overtaking your wellbeing. However, even the most careful diet planning and medication management doesn’t always ward off every issue. Blood sugar swings can bring about headaches and lightheadedness. Improper blood sugar levels can also lead to wounds that won’t heal, vision issues, and fatigue.

Perhaps one of the most significant symptoms of diabetes is neuropathy, leading many patients to seek relief from painful feet and legs and the seemingly incessant pins-and-needles sensation that plagues their lower limbs. Neuropathy can hinder mobility and ultimately lead to loss of muscle and nerve function.


Atlanta Medical Clinic – A Personal Approach to Treating Diabetes

Sometimes pieces of bone or cartilage can break loose in the knee area, so if you feel anything moving inside other than normal joint motion, you’ll need to get treatment. Although this will not cause immediate harm to the knee, over time the pieces can make their way into the joint and prevent any normal motion.

You could also experience the kneecap itself moving in and out of place, which is a sign of dislocation. This can entail damaged nerves, torn ligaments, or severed blood vessels that could cause a number of other uncomfortable symptoms down the road.

The founder of Atlanta Medical Clinic, Dr. Timothy Dembowski, understands first-hand how frustrating these diabetic complications can be for patients and their families. Dr. Dembowski’s father was diagnosed with diabetes, leading him to provide a way for patients to seek innovative diabetic treatment in Atlanta at our clinic.

Atlanta Medical Clinic uses natural means to address diabetic issues at the root of the problem: metabolic failure. By using insulin as intended — a hormone, not a drug — our skilled team can improve symptoms like neuropathy and sometimes even decrease the amount of medication required for diabetic treatment.

Whether you are a pre-diabetic or have been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, our minimally invasive therapy for foot and leg pain has brought great success, and many patients report a reduction in other symptoms, as well. Our clinic is one of the only in the area to provide this cutting-edge diabetic treatment in Atlanta. And although you don’t need a referral, we can work alongside your physician to provide a multidisciplinary approach to diabetic neuropathy and vein treatments for optimal pain relief.


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Staying healthy with a diagnosis of diabetes can be challenging. Our caring team provides personal and professional diabetic treatment in Atlanta for a range of diabetic and metabolic failure symptoms, including neuropathy. Call Atlanta Medical Clinic today for a free consultation and to learn more about our Diabetic Relief Program.