ClariVein®IC is a method used to treat varicose veins that allows you to quickly resume your regular activities and get back to work through its comfort-focused, patient-centric design. It is not reliant on an extreme temperature and is devoid of anesthesia. This vein treatment is used to alleviate the pain of varicose veins and to promote healing through 360-degree dispersion of doctor-determined agents in the area. IC actually stands for infusion catheter. The ClariVein®IC infusion catheter has a wire tip that rotates in order to fully distribute the medicine.

Why do people choose this vein treatment?

There are various reasons that ClariVein®IC is a strong choice. One is that depending what the doctor recommendations, you may only need to have local anesthetic at the access site. You are able to recover from the procedure very rapidly, returning to your normal activities and to work – due to the ease of the design. This vein treatment is minimally invasive, which is positive given the inherent risks that accompany most procedures. It is fast to get the procedure. It helps maintain your comfort as a patient. It is conveniently performed right in your doctor’s clinic. This treatment will also give you a general health boost. It alleviates the pain of heavy legs, cramps, and inflammation while giving you the confidence to bare your legs.

What is the vein treatment procedure?

The doctor inserts the ClariVein®IC infusion catheter through a pin-sized entry point and into your peripheral vasculature. The rotating wire of ClariVein®IC will start distributing medicine that has been designated by your doctor once the catheter has been placed.

Vein treatment of the entire targeted area, including the complete vessel and vessel wall, is achieved with this 360-degree method, possible because of the catheter’s specialty rotating wire tip. Plus, the entry point can be smaller than with other devices: ClariVein®IC is several times smaller than other peripheral vascular treatment devices.

What happens after your ClariVein®IC treatment?

Once you have been treated with ClariVein®IC, you will typically be able to resume your work and other activities quickly; However, follow the guidance of your physician.

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