Foot pain is something that many people experience more often than not during their lifetime. It is a health condition caused by a number of factors such as an injury or properly fitting shoes.

Improperly fitting shoes is something that most people force themselves to endure, failing to understand that a simple act like putting on the right shoes can alleviate irritation on the ankle, heel, toes, ligaments, joints, and skin.

On the other hand, some forms of foot pain can indicate a more serious underlying medical condition that requires attention, including;

Ankle Pain

The ankle joint is the point at which the leg bones connect with the foot. This joint is responsible for the foot’s up and down movement. In most cases, people refer to the ankle as the ankle joint and encompasses the joint and the surrounding region. Some ankle pain signs include bruising, redness, instability, stiffness, burning pain, and inability to support your weight using the affected ankle.

Swollen Feet

A swollen foot [or ankle] can be caused by localized extremities, such as injuries, sprains, and infections. One can also have a painful, swollen foot because of systemic conditions—these are health conditions that affect the entire body, including the foot. Some of these medical conditions include heart disease, liver failure [edema], and osteoarthritis.

Heel Pain

Several factors can cause pain in the heel, but the common cause is abnormalities of the nerves, skin, and blood vessels. Since a lot of force is exerted on the lower extremity when a person is walking or running, the heal is always prone to trauma, resulting in blisters and corns. It can also be caused by Plantar fasciitis, which is characterized by a sharp pain on the heel when standing up after a restful while.

Trust Atlanta Medical Clinic to Offer Effective Foot Pain Treatments

Whether you have suffered an injury or a medical condition that causes pain in the foot, it is advisable to seek medical assistance from a caring, qualified, and reputable doctor. At Atlanta Medical Clinic we are well equipped and ready to offer effective treatments and therapies to alleviate foot and leg pain.

Our team provides effective and innovative minimally invasive therapy to ensure patients receive the quickest pain relief solution with minimal side effects. Furthermore, we offer effective vein treatments, and patient-focused diabetic treatment plans to alleviate neuropathy, which often is a related cause of foot pain and discomfort in the lower extremities.

Minimally Invasive Procedures for Treating Foot Pain in Atlanta

Minimally invasive surgery is a revolutionary operating technique that has had a tremendous impact and health outcomes since the early 1990s. Patients experience a better quality of life after undergoing this type of pain relief treatment.

Are you feeling leg and ankle pains, or have you experienced any signs and symptoms discussed above? If so, call Atlanta Medical Clinic, and we will offer effective minimally invasive surgery to relieve your pain. Schedule your free consultation today!