Over 37 million Americans have diabetes, and nearly 10 million of those remain undiagnosed. The condition is a disorder of metabolism that diminishes a patient’s quality of life. Without proper care, patients face a higher risk of complications like high blood pressure, slow healing wounds that can necessitate an amputation, stroke, and erectile dysfunction, among others. The good news is that our treatment solutions can stabilize and, in some cases, stabilize the complications of diabetes and other metabolic conditions.

The team at Atlanta Medical Clinic takes a comprehensive approach to help patients with diabetes, with the main focus being on restoring quality of life and mobility. Our cutting-edge treatments provide results because they target the underlying cause of diabetes – metabolic failure.

Infusion Treatments for Diabetes – Physiologic Cellular Restoration

Atlanta Medical Clinic is one of the few providers in Atlanta to provide this groundbreaking treatment. Physiologic cellular restoration administers insulin as a hormone rather than a drug, mimicking how the body processes it. The therapy helps Type 1, Type 2, and Pre-Diabetic patients because it improves insulin resistance.

It also makes it easier for the body to convert sugar to energy. This allows damaged tissues and organs regenerate. As a result, this diabetes management program stabilizes and reverses the complications of metabolic conditions.

This treatment program has been quite effective in helping patients suffering from complications brought about by diabetes and other metabolic conditions. There was a 95% significant improvement in neuropathy and other complications and reduced need for medication.

  • Other perks reported by our patients include;
  • Energy restoration
  • Controlled weight
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Controlled blood sugar
  • Reduced fatty liver
  • Accelerated stroke recovery
  • Hair and nail growth
  • Healed wounds
  • Amputations prevented
  • Diminished retinopathy
  • Restored erectile dysfunction
  • Dementia mitigated

Every patient’s case is different, with varying degrees of insulin resistance and carbohydrate metabolism efficiency. Therefore, we start your care with a consultation to determine medical necessity and develop a personalized care plan.

Whatever your needs, each patient’s unique care plan includes:

  • Induction Phase – You get two insulin infusions per week that reduce to one infusion per week for approximately 90 days.
  • Maintenance Phase – It focuses on balancing optimal metabolism and insulin sensitivity while extending as much time as possible between treatments.

Treatments last 2-3 hours, and, in the meantime, the patient is free to move around the clinic. Our Type-2, Pre-Diabetic, and Nondiabetic patients often go from 3-hour infusions to 2-hour infusions. Moreover, they are able to achieve four to six weeks between infusions while maintaining optimal metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

Advanced Wound Care

One of the more severe consequences of diabetes is slow healing wounds. We understand this and incorporate advanced wound care into diabetes treatment plans for patients that need it. Our programs use the latest, most advanced grafting therapies to help you recover and retain mobility.

Should you require it, we also provide advanced and minimally-invasive vein treatments to help with the swelling of the lower extremities, which is a complication of diabetes.

Diabetes Shoe Fittings

At Atlanta Medical Clinic, we like to go the extra mile to ensure the comfort of our patients. This often means providing custom shoe fittings and shoe inserts that offer more support, more space, and less friction for the wearer. This helps with discomforts associated with diabetes, such as blisters and wounds.

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