Baby Boomers Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

Senior HealthLook out, retirement, the baby boomers are here. If their name is any indication, their time in retirement could be incendiary. This article will take a look at what it means to be active during retirement. We ask the question, “How does a baby boomer, or anyone entering their retirement years, stay healthy?”

There are a number of approaches highlighted around the web: exercising, social networking, volunteering, traveling, and hobbies. Notice that each of these activities involves a full-bodied, hands-on approach, and many of them get boomers out of the house and into the community.

Find an Activity You Enjoy

According to the Chicago Sun-Times (1), great ways to exercise include walking, yoga, playing with grandchildren, swimming, and Tai Chi. We like to call this, “do-it-yourself physical therapy.”

  • Walking – City parks and state parks can both be great places to walk, depending what you’re near.
  • Tai Chi – This exercise technique is said by its advocates to help aid circulation and improve equilibrium. Beginner classes at Tai Chi centers can get you started.
  • Yoga – Different types of yoga will better suit different types of people out there. Many boomers will prefer the lower-intensity offerings (as opposed to hot or Bikram yoga).
  • Swimming – You can either take classes, or you can enjoy an “adults only” or “open swim” session at your local YMCA or neighborhood pool or lake.
  • Playing with Grandchildren – Playing “with” your grandchildren can often feel like a spectator sport as they run around the yard. Being outside with them at the playground, is a great opportunity to get the blood pumping.

Look for New Opportunities

The Huffington Post (2) ran an article specific to Type A personalities among boomers. Several techniques can work that are a little more outside-the-box and address the needs of the more strong-willed individuals among the boomer generation:

  • Social Networking – Continuing to play a part in social circles and planning events can be fulfilling.
  • Post-Career Career – Surprisingly, you may find that you want to keep working. If that’s the case, you can find a volunteer position or part-time management position of a nonprofit or business that you choose based on your passions.
  • Stress-Injection Goals – Retirement, for some, can prove too relaxing. If you set a lofty goal for yourself, such as training to compete in a local mini-marathon, you can get in shape and engage your competitive drive at the same time.

The Retirement Café (3) mentioned three other activities that are worth mention – travel, hobbies, and volunteer work.

  • Travel – Get out in the world and see new things. Obviously this can be budget-prohibitive but is a great activity to work in if you can.
  • Hobbies – We often lose touch with what we enjoy the most while we are young working stiffs focused on family and career development. Now whatever your hobby is, it can take center stage. Get out that standup comedy microphone.
  • Volunteer Work – What type of cause do you want to assist? Now is an opportune time to give what you can since your days are so much freer.

There are plenty of possibilities to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle as a baby boomer transitioning into retirement. Find some activities you love, and start working them into your schedule. It’s a great age to feel active and engaged in your wood shop or kitchen, out in the community, and around the world.



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