non-surgical knee treatments in Atlanta

Treatments to Try Before Getting Knee Surgery

If you’re searching for knee pain relief in Atlanta, you are not alone. Knee pain is an extremely common affliction that affects up to 19% of the US population. Anyone who has experienced this pain knows how debilitating it can be. There are many known causes of knee pain. The most common of which are past injury and arthritis that affects the joint. Other possible causes include ligament sprains and obesity.

It’s important to narrow down the causes of your knee pain, but it’s equally important to seek out an option for knee pain relief with which you feel comfortable. If you’re hoping to avoid surgery, there are many non-surgical knee pain treatments in Atlanta that are currently available.

Exercise & Diet

The first treatment path to consider is lifestyle changes. Reduced participation in high-impact sports, such as tennis or running, can help lessen inflammation and pain. Meanwhile, low-impact exercise can help keep your circulation strong, improving nutrient delivery. Dietary changes that seek to remove or minimize inflammatory foods have also been shown to have a positive impact on pain associated with the joints.


Another option for those searching for non-surgical knee pain relief in Atlanta is hyaluronic acid injections, also called viscosupplementation. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in the body for the purpose of lubricating joints; however, aging begins to interfere with production, leading to the discomfort that disrupts life for so many suffering with knee pain. Through a course of hyaluronic acid injections in conjunction with physical therapy, knee pain can be significantly decreased.


Another non-surgical strategy that can relieve knee pain is a customized chiropractic treatment plan. A non-surgical knee pain strategy offers significant knee pain relief. Chiropractic medicine is an appealing option to those seeking a holistic approach. Much gentler on the body than surgery, it is a safe and effective option; in fact, it was listed as a valuable non-pharmacologic therapy choice in new guidelines published by the American College of Physicians.

Safe and Effective Recovery

Searching for treatment options, such as a viscosupplementation specialist or chiropractor in Atlanta, can be daunting. However, this process is critical to avoiding surgery. Are you in need of knee pain relief? At Atlanta Medical Clinic, our goal is to provide knee pain treatments without painful surgery and rehabilitation. The treatments methods we use include viscosupplementation and chiropractic care, alongside physical therapy, custom bracing, and detoxing.

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