Providing Knee Pain Relief With Hyalgan Injections

knee pain relief atlanta gaThe human body produces sodium hyaluronate naturally to provide lubrication for the  joints. However, as a person gets older, the bodies ability to produce sodium hyaluronate begins to slow down, and this is where the painful symptoms of osteoarthritis begin to appear. Luckily there is an all-natural solution called Hyalgan that is injected into the knee to help lubicate the joints and  to treat osteoarthritis.

Hyalgan acts as a lubicant for the tissues, but since Hyalgan is highly viscous, it also acts as a protectant for the tissues. Due to it’s elasticity, Hyalgan is also able to absorb mechanical stress.  Many times, Hyalgan injections are the last resort before having to go into surgery. To get the most knee pain relief from this treatment, a patient should go through with physical therapy along with the injections. The physical therapy helps decrease the pain, while increasing the range of motion.

There have been many tests conducted to find just how effective Hyalgan injections are at providing knee pain relief.  The injections are covered by most insurance companies.

Using Spinal Decompression To Painlessly Eliminate Back Pain

Spinal Decompression Atlanta GaNo one wants to experience back pain. No one wants to experience a painful, time consuming surgery to treat their back pain either. People shouldn’t stress so much about the idea of receiving treatment for their back pain since there are several methods for alleviating the pain that require no surgery or injections at all. One such treatment is spinal decompression.

Spinal decompression, or more specifically non-surgical spinal decompression, is the reduction of intradiscal pressure by using a mechanical traction device that the client is strapped aboard. While strapped to the machine, forces are applied to the lumbar spine from various directions. This creates a suction effect that helps eliminate nerve compression while also helping bring water and nutrients into the disc. There is no pain, surgery or recovery time involved with spinal decompression.

When a person experiences back pain and other treatments (medicine, steroid shots, exercising, eating right) doesn’t help help alleviate the pain, they should really look into having spinal decompression. A person receiving spinal decompression treatments should stay committed to their treatment and make sure they follow all their doctors instructions to receive maximum pain relief.

Since there isn’t any painful surgery or recovery time involved with spinal decompression, there isn’t any reason a person should suffer from back pain without seeking treatment.

The VibroGym®: Successful Physical Therapy

Physical therapy has evolved; technology has allowed us, physicians, to work with our patients in an effective and responsible manner. It’s important to consider and determine an appropriate workout routine, using state-of-the-art equipment to avoid any further afflictions to the body. Here at Atlanta Medical Clinic, we provide many ways of treatment. One of them is the VibroGym®!

What is VibroGym®?

The VibroGym® uses whole-body vibration (WBV) to establish the body’s reflex response that enhances muscle strength and performance. The VibroGym® platform produces a vibration at different frequencies, which is then conveyed to the body.

The time needed to train is shorter, which means less muscle damage is caused and hormonal production is boost. Research shows that whole body vibration training offers many benefits such as the improvement of muscle strength, flexibility, range of motion, bone density and blood circulation stimulation.

This is achieved by two sessions of training on the VibroGym® achieved with minimal stress on the joints, tendon and ligaments. And it not only stimulates the neuromuscular and endocrine systems, but also improved fat metabolism.

Consequently, the VibroGym® significantly reduces the chance for potential injury normally present with conventional training methods.

Its physical therapy benefits are:

  • Significantly reduces the chance for potential injury normally present with conventional training methods.
  • No strain on joints – thanks to 100% vertical vibration.
  • Osteoporosis exercises ⇒ Increase of bone density.
  • Balance and coordination exercises aiming at fall prevention.
  • Improvement of bone density.
  • You experience hormone balance and reduced stress, so you feel more alert as well as relaxed.
  • Postoperative muscle building for a fast recovery.
  • Easy on your joints in case of rheumatism and osteoarthritis.
  • For a better workout quality and more effectiveness.
  • Strengthening of your entire muscular system.
  • Enhanced flexibility.
  • Stimulating metabolism and lymphatic drainage.
  • Stress relief.
  • Pelvic-floor exercises in case of urinary incontinence.
  • Back exercises.
  • Anti-cellulite exercises.
  • Increasing your muscular strength.
  • Improving your agility.
  • For a better blood circulation.

We offer our patients special workouts that are suited to their individual clinical picture or symptoms.
Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice.

Osgood-Schlatters Disease 101

osgood-schlatters-disease-reliefOsgood-Shlatters Disease is a common cause of knee pain and is known as an overuse injury. Typically, patients are children and young athletes between the ages 10 and 15 that are experiencing a period of rapid growth combined with a high level of sport activity. Young adolescents that participate in sports such as soccer, gymnastics, basketball, and dance are most at risk for this disease.

The pain from Osgood-Schlatters Disease is caused by inflammation of the tendon below the kneecap where it attaches to the shinbone. The inflamed area is almost always tender when pressure is applied.

Once diagnosed, the first and foremost treatment is aimed at reducing the swelling and inflammation. This includes anti-inflammatory medicine, knee wraps, and knee braces. Depending on severity, this may require several months rest in order for the child to enjoy physical activity without pain in the future.

It is always a good idea to check with a medical provider regarding any knee injury. Dr. Tim Dembowski is a trained medical practitioner that specializes in pain management. Dr. Dembowski and his staff at Atlanta Medical Clinic provide the best treatment options for knee pain and injuries, including Osgood-Schlatters. Further examination may also be suggested depending on the severity of the pain. Contact Dr. Dembowski and his staff today for more information on Osgood-Schlatters disease and other painful knee injuries.

Find Pain Relief in the Atlanta, Georgia Area

pain relief atlanta gaPain management is becoming increasingly popular among many people. Every day Atlanta experiences too many car accidents which can cause pain among other things. There are clinics that can help you find fast and effective relief. Atlanta Medical Clinic offers a variety of treatments under one roof in order to conveniently treat patients suffering from all sorts of pain. There is no need for you to go elsewhere in order to receive pain management treatments. We are able to treat several issues ranging from back related pain to migraine pain to pain associated with other issues such as stress or toxins. They even offer foot detoxification to help people feel better and energized.

Pain can sometimes reduce our energy levels and distract us from accomplishing ever day objectives. Pain can even affect us in the workplace, negatively influencing our performance. Nobody wants to be fired because their pain does not allow them to perform to their full potential. You do not have to live with this anymore.

Atlanta Medical Clinic offers non-invasive procedures such as physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, cold laser treatments, pain relief with instruments and injectables in a secure and comfortable environment. The physicians will utilize the latest in pain management technologies and protocols in order to achieve the maximum amount of pain relief possible. Upon a patient’s initial consultation, they will be examined to find out the cause of the pain in order to effectively tackle the problem at its source. This helps prevent future pain from making its debut again.

Nobody deserves to be in constant pain. Do something about it and find relief through safe and effective methods.

The Correlation Between Sleeping and Neck Pain

sleeping with neck painAs a typical guideline, no matter if a person sleeps on their side or back, they need to be certain that their neck is not getting pushed frontward, upwards or sideways. The truth is that it really should be leveled. If someone is resting on their back, they should not look into sleeping with too many pillows considering it can stimulate terrible postures that might influence the body and pain. This is quite normal to happen since most people are not aware, and this is why it is a primary reason why people today arise with neck pain.

If someone sleeps on their back-side, they might prefer a cushion that maintains their head in a sensibly leveled spot according to the body’s position. No one should choose for their heads to be sinking in reverse towards the pillow nor should they need it pushed forwards.

If one lies on their side to nap or rest, they might not want their head getting too deep into the cushion or be placed too high up on it. If someone settles to rest on their side, they must feel that their head is basically in an impartial position in contrast to being bent too far left or right. Getting one’s head placed improperly while sleeping would be as if they were instructed to stand up or be seated with their head to one side for more than 5 pain-inducing hours… by the end of the day, it is almost certain that their neck and back would feel extremely sore! This is exactly what is taking place if one’s head is maintained in a poor position for hours on a lousy pillow or unsuitable pillow.

neck pain atlanta ga

When considering the concern of whether someone should sleep on their stomachs, it could be somewhat challenging. A person’s head is positioned even more radically backwards, which could be even more damaging when compared to the average sleeper which rests on their back… even if we believe we are adding less stress on our neck joints.

One should know that our discs tend get bigger throughout the night as they pack with fluid, which places even more intra-disc tension on the spine and its neighboring ligaments, introducing even more pressure. For this reason, people should ensure they have got a good pillow that will place less stress on one’s neck, resulting in less neck pain. With regards to sleeping on our stomachs, this is certainly not good for our neck! So, don’t be fooled! Learn the right facts on how to prevent future pains and treat existing neck pain with Atlanta Medical Clinics who specialize in pain management therapies. Pain management help can surely help those who have made the mistake of using the wrong kind of pillow.

Looking for Back Pain Management Information? Here’s something you May Find Interesting!

pain-management1-300x225There are various elements that can produce back pain. The back is a complicated arrangement of bones, joints, ligaments and muscle mass. It is very easy to damage a tendon, stress or hurt a muscle, damage disks, and irritate joints which all contribute to back problems. Recreation or athletic wounds and car collisions are two of the most prevalent causes why people feel major back pain. Several other back pain correlated troubles can occur from the most basic activities as well, such as getting an item up from the ground, terrible stance or making rapid movements. It is just far too simple to for a person to encounter back pain; it is no surprise why it is so prevalent! Other triggers include major health issues such as arthritis, blood clots, bone loss and diseases in a person’s bodily body organs. That is why it is important to seek pain management for your back! Live your life the way you used to with the help of certified physicians.

If you are located in Atlanta, Georgia and are enduring all forms of back pain without discovering why, Atlanta Medical Clinic can help you determine the primary reason of the pain you are experiencing. They can also help ease the pain that is restraining you from experiencing your life to its full capability. Spinal compression remedies, when executed by an accredited doctor, are a very effective technique in pain management. It is beneficial because it diminishes pain, lessens the amount of medication somebody was to utilize, helps boost physical therapy outcomes and entails sooth procedures of treatment. A report carried out by the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research proves that one of the most beneficial remedies for lower back pain is in fact spinal decompression. It is a non-intrusive, drug-free choice to your situation. Atlanta Medical Clinic uses this system for top back alleviation for their clients!

Can Treating the Underlying Cause of Pain Cure Chronic Pain?

chronic pain treatment atlanta gaUnfortunately, treating chronic pain is not as easy as simply treating the cause. Treating the root can at times, help alleviate the pain, but this does not necessarily mean that it will not return. Anyone that suffers from chronic pain should receive a thorough evaluation by our physician to observe if a treatable problem exists or if the issue might be a disease.

In several cases however, the combination of the underlying cause along with the pain turns out to be more complex than one would think. Agonizing diseases might be chronic and difficult to manage. Some other times, pain might stick around even after the primary cause seems to have been treated and disappeared. In many cases, the source of pain turns out to be simply mysterious!

Now and then physicians may run all sorts of tests without figuring out what the cause of pain is, which prevents them from developing a diagnosis. This may be frustrating to a lot of patients, which is why it is necessary for your physician to be a pain expert as well as doctor. People who experience chronic pain usually need two approaches to treating chronic pain. These approaches include getting treatment for the fundamental cause and receiving treatment for the pain itself. The doctors at Atlanta Medical Clinic are and experienced and specialized in these two fields to help patients like you get back on track as quickly as possible.

What are the Top Causes for Back Pain?

Back Pain Atlanta GABack pain is one of the most common pain related issues in the United States. Thousands of people suffer from chronic back pain for reasons they may not even know. There are a load of reasons that you might be experience back pain. Sometimes this back pain might have come about through no fault of your own. That’s why it might be a good idea to check out someone like this Personal Injury Lawyer Dallas TX to help get you the compensation that you deserve. Obviously, there are other reasons for why you might be experiencing back pain though. Dr. Dembowski and his staff at Atlanta Medical Clinic are specially trained and certified to treat all kinds of pain, including back pains associated with the following causes:

1-Did you know that your muscles imbalance?

Have you ever sat down for a long period of time with your back positioned in a way that later caused you pain for the rest of the day? This can create a dysfunction in your body due to imbalanced muscles. Your muscles are capable of influencing your body’s alignment, which can cause it to fall out of alignment! This forces your body to try and function properly, but with little success. Your body is likely to break down as a result of this. This can be considered the primary “physical” reason for back related issues and pain.

2-Excessive Stress Can Really Cause Back Pain

Indeed this is a key reason why people might experience back pain. The mind is a powerful unit in our bodies that can influence the healing process of back pain. Extra stress and negativity can prevent you from experiencing long-term relief in treatments. Stress from other factors can also affect the healing process. The hormones associated with stress causes the body’s immune system to weaken significantly. This makes it more difficult for your body to heal in a timely and efficient manner.

3-Spinal Compression and Torsion is a Serious Concern

Spinal compression and torsion are very serious back conditions that can significantly influence back pain. The muscle imbalances you may experience are capable of pulling your spine out of alignment, which causes extra curvature. This amplifies pressure on the discs located on your back. The blending of irregular and excess compression and torsion are detrimental on your back discs, which may result in bulging discs. This rather serious problem can easily be address however. The discs can heal by addressing muscles imbalances and going through spinal decompression therapy. This service is offered at Atlanta Medical Clinic.

4- Ever Thought about your Trigger Points (or Muscle Knots) as the Reason for Your Back Pain?

Undiagnosed pain is usually a result of those awful trigger points or muscle knots. These are major features of pain associated with the back. The causes are usually as result of things we do on a daily basis. If you work out regularly, you may be experiencing trigger point induced pain from over-worked muscle. There are several other causes, but this issue can also be alleviated through pain management therapy.

5- Do you watch what You Eat?

Nutritional imbalances can be the reason why you are still in pain and haven’t healed! Some foods can actually cause inflammation while nutrient and mineral deficiency can also play a primary role in your back pain. People should make sure they take in food with high nutritional value such as those that include antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, spices, vitamin D and so on. People should also try avoiding, or at least minimizing, sugary foods, wheat products, dairy and artificial flavors or colors which lack nutritional value.

Atlanta Medical Clinic can effective treat your pain associated with these causes and guide you on a path that leads to long-term relief from back pain.

The Trouble with Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain ManagementSometimes traditional, over-the-counter pain killers may not be enough to remove the anxiety felt by pain sufferers. Currently, more than 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain of various degrees. These are billions of people searching for effective solutions to a grave problem that prevents them from living life the way they want. However, there is a solution.

Pain management procedures are effective and quick treatments that can help tackle the problem and eliminate pain. Several medical conditions might have pain and other associated symptoms occurring from a discrete source, such as post-operative pain or pain caused by malignancy, or even maybe conditions where pain is the primary cause of the problem (such as headaches and neuropathic pains). Your physician can determine the main cause of your painful sorrows and apply pain management therapy to alleviate your aches.

Finding alternative products and procedures might be too costly and offer inefficient outcomes. It is better to invest in pain management as a therapeutic option with results that will last. The expenses of unrelieved pain canChronic Back Pain Management consequentially mean longer hospital stays, increased rates of re-hospitalization, increased outpatient visits and a lessened ability to utilize the body. This could mean losing your job, having no income which can lead to no insurance coverage for future treatments.

Unfortunately, many people are highly dependent on their work for health protection. If people start losing their jobs due to pain, they will eventually experience difficulty in paying their health fees. Pain sufferers should prevent this from happening all together and take pain management as a valuable solution. If you suffer from chronic pain, quit looking for answers in products that merely cloud the pain without treating the actual cause.

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