What are the Top Causes for Back Pain?

Back Pain Atlanta GABack pain is one of the most common pain related issues in the United States. Thousands of people suffer from chronic back pain for reasons they may not even know. There are a load of reasons that you might be experience back pain. Sometimes this back pain might have come about through no fault of your own. That’s why it might be a good idea to check out someone like this Personal Injury Lawyer Dallas TX to help get you the compensation that you deserve. Obviously, there are other reasons for why you might be experiencing back pain though. Dr. Dembowski and his staff at Atlanta Medical Clinic are specially trained and certified to treat all kinds of pain, including back pains associated with the following causes:

1-Did you know that your muscles imbalance?

Have you ever sat down for a long period of time with your back positioned in a way that later caused you pain for the rest of the day? This can create a dysfunction in your body due to imbalanced muscles. Your muscles are capable of influencing your body’s alignment, which can cause it to fall out of alignment! This forces your body to try and function properly, but with little success. Your body is likely to break down as a result of this. This can be considered the primary “physical” reason for back related issues and pain.

2-Excessive Stress Can Really Cause Back Pain

Indeed this is a key reason why people might experience back pain. The mind is a powerful unit in our bodies that can influence the healing process of back pain. Extra stress and negativity can prevent you from experiencing long-term relief in treatments. Stress from other factors can also affect the healing process. The hormones associated with stress causes the body’s immune system to weaken significantly. This makes it more difficult for your body to heal in a timely and efficient manner.

3-Spinal Compression and Torsion is a Serious Concern

Spinal compression and torsion are very serious back conditions that can significantly influence back pain. The muscle imbalances you may experience are capable of pulling your spine out of alignment, which causes extra curvature. This amplifies pressure on the discs located on your back. The blending of irregular and excess compression and torsion are detrimental on your back discs, which may result in bulging discs. This rather serious problem can easily be address however. The discs can heal by addressing muscles imbalances and going through spinal decompression therapy. This service is offered at Atlanta Medical Clinic.

4- Ever Thought about your Trigger Points (or Muscle Knots) as the Reason for Your Back Pain?

Undiagnosed pain is usually a result of those awful trigger points or muscle knots. These are major features of pain associated with the back. The causes are usually as result of things we do on a daily basis. If you work out regularly, you may be experiencing trigger point induced pain from over-worked muscle. There are several other causes, but this issue can also be alleviated through pain management therapy.

5- Do you watch what You Eat?

Nutritional imbalances can be the reason why you are still in pain and haven’t healed! Some foods can actually cause inflammation while nutrient and mineral deficiency can also play a primary role in your back pain. People should make sure they take in food with high nutritional value such as those that include antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, spices, vitamin D and so on. People should also try avoiding, or at least minimizing, sugary foods, wheat products, dairy and artificial flavors or colors which lack nutritional value.

Atlanta Medical Clinic can effective treat your pain associated with these causes and guide you on a path that leads to long-term relief from back pain.

The Trouble with Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain ManagementSometimes traditional, over-the-counter pain killers may not be enough to remove the anxiety felt by pain sufferers. Currently, more than 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain of various degrees. These are billions of people searching for effective solutions to a grave problem that prevents them from living life the way they want. However, there is a solution.

Pain management procedures are effective and quick treatments that can help tackle the problem and eliminate pain. Several medical conditions might have pain and other associated symptoms occurring from a discrete source, such as post-operative pain or pain caused by malignancy, or even maybe conditions where pain is the primary cause of the problem (such as headaches and neuropathic pains). Your physician can determine the main cause of your painful sorrows and apply pain management therapy to alleviate your aches.

Finding alternative products and procedures might be too costly and offer inefficient outcomes. It is better to invest in pain management as a therapeutic option with results that will last. The expenses of unrelieved pain canChronic Back Pain Management consequentially mean longer hospital stays, increased rates of re-hospitalization, increased outpatient visits and a lessened ability to utilize the body. This could mean losing your job, having no income which can lead to no insurance coverage for future treatments.

Unfortunately, many people are highly dependent on their work for health protection. If people start losing their jobs due to pain, they will eventually experience difficulty in paying their health fees. Pain sufferers should prevent this from happening all together and take pain management as a valuable solution. If you suffer from chronic pain, quit looking for answers in products that merely cloud the pain without treating the actual cause.

The Benefits Associated with ALCAT Allergy Testing

There is a wide variety of health issues that people suffer from everyday, not because they neglect their issues, but because they have yet to find the right solution. There are many components to our health that are looked at during a diagnosis process including the effectiveness of internal bodily functions, mental stability, and affecting daily activities. However, a person’s diet may be overlooked. It is important to realize that the food we consume may have more affects on our bodies than thought possible.

Health issues such as arthritis, aches and pains in joints and muscles, skin disorders, immunity deficiencies, obesity, fatigue, and more can be the effect of consuming certain foods. If you have never thought to have an allergy test done, you may be unknowingly fueling your own health problems.

The ALCAT allergy test is different than many other allergy tests because of how they issue results. Rather than either a yes or no answer as to what foods you are allergic to, the ALCAT test takes into account different types of allergies and sensitivities. Once the test is completed, ALCAT sends our medical center back a packet of results which fully codes and rates all the foods you are incompatible with and shows us exactly how severe your divergence to them is. ALCAT will also outline a 4-day diet that is specifically crafted around your results as to ensure you follow the recommendations.

What most people are not aware of is the fact that delayed onset food sensitivity exists. What this means is that, for example, the banana you ate today may not affect you until 2 or 3 days later. By this time, you usually do not think to consider this food item you consumed as your source of the health problem you are currently experiencing. Most allergy tests do not account for this type of food sensitivity. However, the ALCAT test works in a way different than a typical allergy test would.

alcat allergy test Atlanta, GABy allowing us to take a simple blood sample from you, Atlanta Medical Center is able to administer an ALCAT test for you. We send your blood sample to ALCAT’s main lab in Florida, where the blood is analyzed. A series of testing is done on your blood at the cellular level in order to record responses to exposure to a variety of foods, substances, chemicals, and coloring. This measuring is able to provide you with very revealing results.

Once results are rendered and appropriate food adjustments are made, you will start to see changes in your everyday health. Sometimes, the way to see improvements in your health is simple as changing your diet. For more information on food allergy testing, visit www.ALCAT.com.

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