Understanding Pain Management

pain managementPain management options for the millions of people who suffer from chronic pain, isn’t always clear. It can be confusing to determine which specialists and treatments will be the most effective at alleviating our pain and restoring normal functionality.

Continued effort is essential with pain management if you want to achieve the best results, especially since pain often contributes to other conditions.

“Severe back pain can lead to difficulty maintaining an active rehabilitation program, depression, sleeplessness and other challenges,” explained Spine-health, “which in turn can prolong and make a painful back condition worse.”

Lower back pain is tricky

There is disagreement between specialists about the best approaches to treat back pain. Since the ideal strategy is a matter of debate, you need to be engaged in the process and determine what pain management therapies you find deliver the most positive impact.

Part the reason that doctors disagree in their methods is that there are a broad range of pain experiences. One treatment might be effective for you but not for me. The only sure way to zero in on the strongest therapies is trial and error – so for back pain, Atlanta residents can benefit from a multidisciplinary clinic with various options.

Acute and chronic pain have different attributes

When you think of acute and chronic pain, you may think that it is all about time: acute is short-lived, while chronic is long-lived. However, chronic pain is actually a more complex condition: the amount that a person hurts is often out of scale with the amount of damage that has occurred.

“Severely degenerated discs may not produce much pain at all, and discs with little degeneration can produce severe pain,” offered Spine-health. “Therefore, giving your physician a clear description … is essential for an … appropriate treatment plan.”

Never neglect emotional health

The effects of chronic pain are far-reaching, extending to your emotional health.

Living with regular bouts of pain contributes to mood disorders and sleep disturbances. You want to get help for those related disorders as well, since they can also be huge hindrances to your quality of life.

Pain medicine is its own area of focus

Various doctors, such as anesthesiologists and neurologists, complete additional fellowships specific to pain management once they have earned their specialty degrees.

Pain medicine physicians include medical doctors, osteopaths, and spine surgeons.

For immediate relief combined with long-term recovery from back pain, Atlanta patients are best treated with our comprehensive program. Once we stabilize the pain, we re-train the muscles and correct body mechanics to prevent its return. Get your free consultation now.


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