Daily Habits Causing Your Back Pain


Sometimes back pain arises from injury. At other times, it results from the accrued impact of continuing habits. Through prevention of habits causing back pain, you can facilitate recovery from a chronic condition.

Bo Bieter hurt his back in Costa Rica in 2006. He ended up with chronic back pain from a herniated spinal disc. While Richard Johns also hurt his back, experiencing so much pain that he was unable to sleep, he could not identify a specific situation or moment of sudden damage that had led to the pain.

Those two stories of Atlanta residents provide insight into the breadth of experiences of individuals suffering from back pain. Some people can identify a specific incident that occurred that caused an injury, while others are unaware exactly what brought about the strain and discomfort. Those latter people can benefit from knowing what might have caused their back pain so they can adjust their routines – as can anyone wanting to reduce the strain on their back and allow healing to occur.

5 habits causing back pain

What daily habits lead to back pain? Here are five key ones:

1.) Failure to exercise Nancy E. Epstein, MD, noted that if you do not work out, especially the muscles of your abdomen, you may have postural problems that contribute to low back pain.

2.) Poor diet – Low-quality eating is one of the most common habits causing back pain. When you eat a balanced, nutritious diet that is beneficial for your blood sugar, weight control, and cardiovascular system, you will also be helping your back. A study in Finland revealed that people who have back pain are more susceptible to clogged arteries than people who do not have back issues.

3.) Low intake of vitamin D or calcium – The eating habits causing back pain go beyond simply eating too large of portions or focusing on junk food. You must get regular helpings of calcium and vitamin D (through food, supplements, or sunlight – for the latter) to keep your bones strong and reduce the likelihood of pain.

4.) Smoking cigarettes – California-based orthopedic surgeon Tae M. Shin, MD, advised that nicotine reduces the amount of blood that is getting to your disks, accelerating degeneration. Plus, smoking makes it harder for your body to absorb calcium and for your bones to grow.

5.) Incorrect lifting – Among these habits causing back pain, perhaps the most obvious is this one: the improper lifting of heavy items. To protect your back when you lift, bend at the knees, leverage the full power of your legs, and maintain a straight back throughout the movement.

Recovery from your back pain

As indicated in the introduction, some people get back pain from a specific injury (Bieter), while others develop strain and damage over time (Johns). Beyond becoming more aware of habits causing back pain, how else can you expedite your recovery? Both Bieter and Johns facilitated their healing with spinal decompression therapy at Atlanta Medical Clinic. See how we can help you. 

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