Living with diabetes means that you must learn how to make choices with your medical condition in mind. While many people think that they have to make major changes, but even the smaller ones add up when you want to live a healthier lifestyle. If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, these changes will likely be beneficial for you.

#1: Write it out

Grab a notebook and write out everything that you eat and all the exercise you do on a daily basis. This helps to keep you more accountable than if you just try to remember what you did. When you write out your food, it’s a lot easier to see where you might be able to make better choices.

As time progresses, you might even be able to start planning out your meals for the day so that you know exactly what you’ll eat when. This gives you a chance to increase your protein intake while reducing the sugar and carbohydrates you consume.

As an added bonus, it will be easier to just show your food and activity journal to your dietitian or doctor than it is to try to remember everything.

#2: Practice calming techniques

Stress can cause you to eat more and it might impact how your body functions. Instead of allowing yourself to become upset, practice calming techniques that can help you to remain focused on your healthy journey. Deep breathing, meditation, and similar options are some that you can do at home for free.

#3: Take a walk

Any increase in activity, no matter how small, is a victory for a person who is pre-diabetic or who has type 2 diabetes. Try to walk a little more than you did yesterday. Even short walks, such as a couple of laps around the living room or down the hall during a commercial can make a big difference. This increases your circulation and can improve digestion, which may help you to get your diabetes under control.

#4: Celebrate small victories

Each day is one that can be filled with small victories. Celebrate your accomplishments daily, even when they don’t seem significant. Cheering yourself on can help you to feel your best and keep you motivated to continue your healthier lifestyle.

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