To live is to experience pain. Pain has always been a part of the human condition. From ancient times to the present, man’s searched for ways to alleviate it. Today, pain management too often defaults to surgery and/or the use of medications. Fortunately, for back pain sufferers in Atlanta, there is a better way.

At Atlanta Medical Clinic, our back pain specialists will provide significant pain relief treatments that are innovative, non-surgical, and opioid-free. The following options include:

Spinal Decompression with the DRX9000. Back pain is often the result of the decrease of fluid in spinal discs that naturally occurs as we age. The discs lose flexibility and the ability to cushion the vertebrae, occasionally resulting in bulges that impact nerves and compression that causes bone-on-bone contact. The Atlanta Medical Clinic utilizes the DRX9000, an innovative machine that decompresses the spine and relieves pressure resulting in significant back pain relief.

Electrical stimulation with H-Wave Electrotherapy. Pain management via electrotherapy has been around for a while, and multiple devices exist that mask pain only. The H-Wave is a portable device used by a back pain specialist that addresses the root cause of the discomfort, thereby providing relief, but also restoring function, and increasing blood circulation in the affected area

Spinal Manipulation. Spinal manipulation, performed by experienced chiropractors, either by hand or by use of chiropractic devices such as the Percussor or Adjustor, has been proven effective for providing back pain relief and is included in the American College of Physicians Guidelines for the treatment of lower back pain.
Cold Laser Therapy. Depending on the location of the patient’s back pain, Cold Laser Therapy may be recommended. Cold Laser Therapy is delivered by use of a handheld device to a targeted area. Varying wavelengths and low-level light are applied to body tissue without heat, resulting in pain relief and regeneration of damaged cells. The therapy is painless, non-invasive, completely safe, and effective.

Read some of our Back Patient Testimonials

“I’ve been suffering with back pain for about three years. I was unable to go places on my own, always needing someone to drive me. It also prevented me from going to church, shopping, and doing my everyday chores around the house. The treatment allowed me to be able to drive on my own. I also started singing in the choir at Lou Walker Senior Citizen Center and I have started line dancing.”
~Patricia Reynolds

“I’m glad I went to Atlanta Medical Clinic because they healed my back pain problems. The spinal decompression treatments began helping immediately. I found new energy and happiness after only a few treatments. I had forgotten how enjoyable life could be without pain. If you have spinal problems or sciatic nerve issues, you owe it to yourself to try out this revolutionary new treatment.”
~Allen Holmes

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