The knees and hips are the largest joints in the body, supporting the body’s weight and working together to provide the mobility we typically take for granted. Unfortunately, these joints tend to experience a lot of wear and tear, and resulting issues like pain and inflammation can lead to joint instability and inactivity, and result in nearly 10 million doctor visits by women for knee pain annually. When it comes to knee pain in women, could the hips actually be part of the problem? What options are available for knee and hip pain relief for women?

The Structural Anatomy of Women

It’s a common understanding that female athletes tend to be more prone to suffering a traumatic knee injury, and according to the University of California San Francisco Medical Center, researchers suspect that one of the most likely reasons that even simple movements can result in injury for women is because their structural anatomy. Naturally, women tend to have wider hips than men, with thigh bones that curve inward from the hip to the knee. Not only can this alignment add stress to the knee joint, but women’s leg muscles are utilized differently, which can pull on the knee complex with uneven force. Hip strength and knee pain are connected, so targeted exercises and physical therapy to develop strength and address imbalances may help alleviate some knee pain.

Referred Pain

When women visit their doctors about knee pain, they may actually be experiencing referred pain, where pain travels along unexpected pathways and is felt in a different part of the body than the source. Normally the doctor will examine the knee, and also the hip to find out if that may be the actual source of the pain. Finding effective knee and hip pain relief will depend on an accurate diagnosis by a qualified medical professional.

Radiated Pain

Sensations of pain in the knee can also develop from problems with alignment in the spine and hips. Every nerve that serves the neck, torso, arms, and legs originates in the spinal column. Problems like herniated discs or vertebrae shifted out of correct alignment can compromise the nerves, causing pain and inflammation that radiates down the length of the nerve and affects every structure along the way. Seeking chiropractic care can eliminate misalignments in the spine and hips, ensure that you’re not putting unnecessary strain on knee joints, and provide knee and hip pain relief.

Are You Concerned About the Source of Your Knee Pain?

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