If you are in need of hip pain relief, you may think surgery is the ultimate avenue. However, operations often go wrong. For instance, nearly a quarter of people (21.8%) had postoperative complications following hip fracture surgery, per one small-scale study. Similarly, revision surgery was performed for more than 1 in 8 primary hip arthroscopy cases (13.2%) in a study of more than 8000 operations.

There are many reasons to avoid surgery beyond failure rates. Generally, surgery carries significant risk. It also can involve substantial downtime, depending on the surgery.

There are many causes of this condition. Regardless of the source(s), though, your recovery depends on strong treatment. There are many safe and effective hip pain remedies that are nonsurgical:

Hyaluronic acid injections

One common nonsurgical treatment used for hip pain relief by those with osteoarthritis is hyaluronic acid injections. This method is used to reintroduce fluid to your joints if the natural synovial fluid within them has depleted. A typical course of these injections involves a few appointments.

Physical therapy

Another of the top hip pain remedies is physical therapy. Two specific ways physical therapy can help are with exercises and gait retraining. As indicated by Harvard Health, a physical therapist “can analyze your gait and help you learn to move more efficiently.”

Walking aids

A supportive aid can be used to decrease the amount of stress on your joints, thereby delivering hip pain relief. Before you go under the knife, grab a cane or walker. You do not need to stop there, though. For instance, you can use shoehorns to put on shoes. You can also purchase a tool to help you pick things up that are at a distance.

Weight loss & exercise

Another way you can prevent hip pain, resulting in additional health benefits, is getting into shape. If you are overweight, it is especially critical to increase activity and lose pounds. When you do work out, choose low-impact options.

Hip pain relief: taking action

Are you suffering and in need of hip pain relief? At Atlanta Medical Clinic, we offer physical therapy and hyaluronic acid injections, among other treatments. See our nonsurgical hip pain remedies.