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Weight Loss Tips for the New Year

Every year, about half of adults in the United States makes New Year’s Resolutions. However, a very small segment of that population – just 1 in 10 – keeps those resolutions. Especially with something as important as weight loss, you want to succeed. Here are a few steps you can take on your own, as well as how a weight loss clinic can help you lose weight for the new year.

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How to Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution This Year (Seriously)

If you are currently obese, you may wonder how likely it is that you will return to a healthy weight. A study conducted by researchers at two London institutions sought to answer that question.

The study’s team looked at a randomly selected group of electronic health records that were collected from 2004 to 2014 and stored within the UK’s Clinical Practice Research Datalink. Records of 99,791 women and 76,704 men were chosen for the study.

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Lose Weight Fast

If you want to lose weight, simple switches to your day-to-day life can work wonders.

Many people struggle with losing weight. Others find that they are able to change their habits and drop pounds in a relatively short window. One of the secrets to success is quite simple: don’t overwhelm yourself. In other words, rather than thinking of weight loss as requiring an overhaul of your food choices and lifestyle habits, focus on one or two aspects of your daily routine that you can improve.

Here are some examples from people around the United States who have succeeded with weight loss.

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For a Healthy Weight, Eat Within a 12-Hour Window

Many nutritionists and doctors have believed that eating in the middle of the night could work against achieving a healthy weight, but until recently, there wasn’t any hard evidence to back up that perspective. In a study published in December, a Salk Institute team exploring weight gain and weight loss found that mice blocked from eating during certain parts of the day were likely to avoid obesity and metabolic diseases – regardless if their diet was only inconsistently healthy.

Study #1 – fatty diet

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ALCAT Testing & Weight Loss

Many people in the United States suffer from overeating and obesity. Concealed root causes can often make weight loss more difficult to achieve. One cause of excess weight is dietary reactions – allergies, sensitivities, and intolerance to certain types of food. The connection between food sensitivity and obesity is clear when you look at biological science. Ingredients that aren’t fully accepted by your body can cause your cells to inflame and resist insulin, so that glucose doesn’t get released in sufficient quantities.

When you can’t metabolize the fuel coming through your digestive system, it is set aside as fat rather than being put to use. Not only does that mean your fat gets replenished, but it also means your body doesn’t have access to as much energy. Through ALCAT testing, weight loss can be optimized through a broad understanding of the foods it is best for you to avoid.

Food intolerance and weight gain

Scientific research backs up the basic biochemical scenario described above. In fact, according to a study by Baylor University scholars, 26 out of 27 obese subjects either attained healthier physical composition or weight reduction after restricting their diets with ALCAT. In other words, it appears that food sensitivity and obesity are linked, which is good to know if you are suffering from excess weight: proper testing can determine the items that are particularly dangerous to you.

It’s easy to oversimplify obesity by thinking of physical fitness as comprising two factors: intake of calories (eating) and consumption of calories (exercise/activity). It’s more complicated than that. The correlation between food intolerance and weight gain extends to other health disorders too, such as hypothyroidism, depression, and hypoglycemia. You are even at risk for obesity if your diet does not contain enough omega-3 fatty acids.

How the test can help

The reason the ALCAT test is so critical is that it’s difficult for us to perceive our own dietary sensitivities. If we eat a problem item in the morning, we might experience swelling in our extremities later in the day but be unable to identify the culprit. Testing provides both the patient and the physician with the information they need to properly target obesity with a natural weight-loss solution: strategic food avoidance.

With ALCAT testing, weight loss can be achieved in a structured, systematic, and proven manner. With 2.5 billion people overweight worldwide , this test can help many people get their bodies back into healthy equilibrium. Get your test today, part of a comprehensive treatment program available through Atlanta Medical Clinic .

High Sugar Diets and Weight Loss Don’t Mix

weight-loss-atlantaAdjusting your diet for sugar reduction to help reach weight loss goals naturally

There are numerous reasons to reduce the amount of sugar we are consuming. A principal incentive for many to minimize sugar intake is weight loss. However, cutting sugar also cuts down on inflammation, which can cause pain and other health disorders. Some scientists believe the risk for cancer and diabetes increases significantly when large amounts of sugar are in a diet.

Specifically regarding weight-loss, everyone knows that sugar – whether from huge amounts of carbs or sweets – can be devastating to one’s dieting efforts. Several simple techniques can help with sugar reduction (1).

10 ways to reduce sugar for weight loss

  1. Make pasta sauce from scratch. When you order a pizza or prepare pasta with spaghetti sauce from the grocery store, you’re probably adding large amounts of sugar to your meal without realizing it. To make your own, chop up some tomatoes and simmer them with your favorite spices.
  2. Remove the chocolate dish. Hide chocolates or other candies from yourself. It’s easy to grab one every hour or two if they’re in plain view. Try the “out of sight, out of mind” approach.
  3. Switch to real fruit. Packaged products containing fruit often include additional sugars. Even juice is usually best replaced with the real, fresh fruit itself.
  4. Create DIY salad dressing. Salad dressings can be a disappointing trick we play on ourselves. When we eat a salad, we think we’re being healthy, but the dressing can greatly increase fat, salt and sugar. Make it yourself instead.
  5. Choose plain dairy. Yogurt and milk that have flavorings (such as fruit yogurt or chocolate milk) typically also come with large helpings of sugar. With yogurt, you can always mix your own fruit into the plain variety.
  6. Create homemade trail mix. Granola often includes a significant amount of sugar. Create your own, and ditch the excessive sweetness (2).
  7. Cut out cereal. If you are eating processed cereal in the morning, try switching to something else. If you use a restaurant for breakfast, also be aware that even seemingly healthy hot cereals may be loaded with additional sugar.
  8. Reduce refined grains. Always look for whole grains in bread and pasta, even when ordering out. Unfortunately, refined grains are sometimes the only option. Consider making a switch to restaurants that offer the whole-grain option.

Weight loss isn’t just about reducing sugars. It’s best achieved with a sophisticated approach that targets your health and figure from multiple angles which Atlanta Medical Clinic provides with our Weight Loss Programs. The Atlanta Medical Clinic is your expert guide. Get a free consultation now for real, lasting results.


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