Annual Physical Therapy Exams Are Becoming a New Health Standard

Many of us only think of therapy in the context of injury recuperation. With the rise of focus on preventive care, though, a yearly physical therapy checkup could soon become a recognized health standard.

The impact of preventive care

It’s become common knowledge that preventive care is critical to lifelong health and help millions of people avoid the development of chronic conditions. Part of the reason these conditions are so prevalent is that the human lifespan has grown longer, but many of us still aren’t proactive about our health. Large percentages of senior citizens end up with serious illnesses that damage their quality of life and elevate insurance costs.

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How to Get Physical Therapy Patients to Move

Lack of motivation to perform at-home exercises represents a common problem among physical therapy patients. According to a 2013 report by Michigan Technological University (MTU), two very different factors – visual media and stress-reduction – could improve patient compliance with the assignment of exercises to be conducted between appointments.

MTU cognitive science professor Philart Geon and his graduate students found that individuals receiving pain relief therapy often don’t perform “homework” tasks given by practitioners. Common reasons include a busy schedule, confusion over specific expectations, or lack of a sense of forward motion. The study revealed that video typically enhanced a patient’s grasp of the therapist’s instructions, while anxiety was reduced in everyone who completed the at-home tasks.

Basic setup of the study

The research group gathered information from three different populations: physical therapy patients, physical therapists, and college students. The two groups that were directly involved with physical therapy were interviewed to determine the needs of each party and the extent to which they were being met. The college students were used to test possible improvements to materials provided by therapist to patients.

The hypothesis was that better visual media – such as video or high-quality pictures – would raise compliance with therapist instructions.

Discussions with the physical therapy patients and professionals found that video is not commonly used with stretch and exercise instructions. The researchers created various ways to provide instructional materials to almost 5 dozen college students: video alone, video with text, text alone, images with text, and images alone.

After experiencing each of the different pain relief therapy instructional methods, the students completed questionnaires. In this way, the professor and his team checked the students’ stress levels, how pleased they were with the materials, and the likelihood that they would comply with the instructions on their own.

Findings & effective treatment strategies

The group that received their instructions as a combination of video and text were the most pleased with the method. Those participants also scored the highest likelihood to perform the tasks and the lowest degree of stress. Generally speaking, two factors that had a strong correlation among all the students were high compliance with low stress. To summarize, the researchers found that video can be helpful as an instructional method to motivate physical therapy patients; they also found a simple intellectual motivation, that willingness to performing the tasks is itself a stress-reducer.

At Atlantic Medical Clinic, our team of physical therapists and other specialists custom-design a treatment strategy to fit you as an individual. Get a free consultation today.

Osteoarthritis on a Cellular Level

stem cell osteoarthritisArthritis is a disease in which bone and/or cartilage in the affected individual’s body is lost. This process of degeneration in turn reshapes the joint (causing, for instance, severely bent fingers in extreme, long-developing cases). A proper program of pain management and physical therapy – what we offer – is not only affective at alleviating symptoms of pain but also protects against progression of the disease.

The healthy functioning of joints is disrupted in the case of osteoarthritis (1) Typically a joint experiences a fluid injury and repair process at the cellular level if it becomes damaged or re-damaged. This injury/repair cycle is completed by cells called chondroclasts and chondroblasts.

Osteoarthritis, however, does not allow these cells to perform their roles effectively. Instead, another type of cell, the osteoblast, enters the picture, creating additional cartilage and bone in improper locations – such as spurs (2). This nonstandard cellular development leads to swollen, painful body parts. Alleviating pain in joints, such as hand or knee pain relief, is then often medically sought.

Protein Release Hindered

Osteoarthritis prevents the cells that make up a person’s cartilage from releasing a sufficient quantity of protein when repair of joint cartilage is required. The demand for repair at a cellular level, then, is not met. Cartilage, which is typically taut, begins to loosen. As the arthritic condition becomes more ingrained, fraying of the cartilage occurs, as does cracking and pitting. The more degradation that occurs throughout the cartilage cells, the less flexible its fibers will be (3). It becomes less and less able to protect itself, creating a downward spiral. The joint in general is put at risk by cellular cartilage weakness, increasing the likelihood of deterioration.

Untreated Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis can quickly become painful, but treating it means that its progress can be slowed or stopped altogether. The reason that’s important is that, left untreated, the pitting and cracking can become more pronounced, eventually resulting in total removal of the cartilage.  When no cartilage remains, a person begins to experience bone-on-bone direct contact during activity. The affected areas of bone become reshaped, then, as activity grinds down the cells, following the reshaping of the cartilage that has occurred. When the bones no longer join up properly, range of motion can decrease significantly.

Treated Osteoarthritis

Again, when osteoarthritis is treated, the deterioration can be mitigated. What we offer at the Atlanta Medical Clinic is extraordinary considered to many solutions for hand or knee pain relief or wherever cellular damage has become the most severe: a complete spectrum of pain management solutions, not just injections and medications but also chiropractic treatment and physical therapy as necessary. Contact us today to learn more about how an integrative solution can deter your osteoarthritis and aid you in returning to a healthy, fully functional lifestyle.








Achieving Pain Management Without Surgery

When most people think about pain management, the first thing that many people think of is having to go through surgery.  This can scare people away fropain-management-atlanta-gam wanting to alleviate their pain because not everyone has the time or money for surgery. Surgery isn’t always the only option a person can choose for dealing with their pain.

One alternative method to providing pain management is spinal decompression. Spinal decompression is when a person is strapped onto a mechanical traction device while forces from multiple directions are applied to the spine. This helps get rid of nerve compression by creating a suction effect. Spinal decompression requires no downtime or recovery.

Another option is for a client to attend physical therapy sessions. Sometimes finding pain relief is as simple as following a simple set of exercises that a doctor may recommend. There are several reasons why attending physical therapy are good for relieving pain:

  • Physical therapy stretches and strengthens the compromised area
  • Physical therapy helps retrain muscles
  • Physical therapy help a client regain control of the joint
  • Physical therapy restores balance

Another method for achieving nonsurgical pain management is cold laser therapy. Cold laser therapy is the use of a safely tuned laser to stimulate the body’s nerves, repair mechanisms and systemic defenses. The laser produces a low amount of energy, which is considered a weak stimulus. However there is a biological law, Arnt-Schultz, that states how a weak stimulus can actually cause a strong physiological response. Arnt-Schultz also states that a stronger stimuli can actually stop the body from responding.

With so many choices available for clients to achieve pain management without surgery, there is no reason that a person shouldn’t visit a doctor about treating their pain.

The VibroGym®: Successful Physical Therapy

Physical therapy has evolved; technology has allowed us, physicians, to work with our patients in an effective and responsible manner. It’s important to consider and determine an appropriate workout routine, using state-of-the-art equipment to avoid any further afflictions to the body. Here at Atlanta Medical Clinic, we provide many ways of treatment. One of them is the VibroGym®!

What is VibroGym®?

The VibroGym® uses whole-body vibration (WBV) to establish the body’s reflex response that enhances muscle strength and performance. The VibroGym® platform produces a vibration at different frequencies, which is then conveyed to the body.

The time needed to train is shorter, which means less muscle damage is caused and hormonal production is boost. Research shows that whole body vibration training offers many benefits such as the improvement of muscle strength, flexibility, range of motion, bone density and blood circulation stimulation.

This is achieved by two sessions of training on the VibroGym® achieved with minimal stress on the joints, tendon and ligaments. And it not only stimulates the neuromuscular and endocrine systems, but also improved fat metabolism.

Consequently, the VibroGym® significantly reduces the chance for potential injury normally present with conventional training methods.

Its physical therapy benefits are:

  • Significantly reduces the chance for potential injury normally present with conventional training methods.
  • No strain on joints – thanks to 100% vertical vibration.
  • Osteoporosis exercises ⇒ Increase of bone density.
  • Balance and coordination exercises aiming at fall prevention.
  • Improvement of bone density.
  • You experience hormone balance and reduced stress, so you feel more alert as well as relaxed.
  • Postoperative muscle building for a fast recovery.
  • Easy on your joints in case of rheumatism and osteoarthritis.
  • For a better workout quality and more effectiveness.
  • Strengthening of your entire muscular system.
  • Enhanced flexibility.
  • Stimulating metabolism and lymphatic drainage.
  • Stress relief.
  • Pelvic-floor exercises in case of urinary incontinence.
  • Back exercises.
  • Anti-cellulite exercises.
  • Increasing your muscular strength.
  • Improving your agility.
  • For a better blood circulation.

We offer our patients special workouts that are suited to their individual clinical picture or symptoms.
Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice.

Find Pain Relief in the Atlanta, Georgia Area

pain relief atlanta gaPain management is becoming increasingly popular among many people. Every day Atlanta experiences too many car accidents which can cause pain among other things. There are clinics that can help you find fast and effective relief. Atlanta Medical Clinic offers a variety of treatments under one roof in order to conveniently treat patients suffering from all sorts of pain. There is no need for you to go elsewhere in order to receive pain management treatments. We are able to treat several issues ranging from back related pain to migraine pain to pain associated with other issues such as stress or toxins. They even offer foot detoxification to help people feel better and energized.

Pain can sometimes reduce our energy levels and distract us from accomplishing ever day objectives. Pain can even affect us in the workplace, negatively influencing our performance. Nobody wants to be fired because their pain does not allow them to perform to their full potential. You do not have to live with this anymore.

Atlanta Medical Clinic offers non-invasive procedures such as physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, cold laser treatments, pain relief with instruments and injectables in a secure and comfortable environment. The physicians will utilize the latest in pain management technologies and protocols in order to achieve the maximum amount of pain relief possible. Upon a patient’s initial consultation, they will be examined to find out the cause of the pain in order to effectively tackle the problem at its source. This helps prevent future pain from making its debut again.

Nobody deserves to be in constant pain. Do something about it and find relief through safe and effective methods.


April 6, 2020