Spinal Decompression Therapy in Atlanta

What is Spinal Decompression Therapy?

Back pain is a huge health issue in the United States and worldwide. Low-back pain (LBP) alone is experienced by 31 million US citizens and was listed as the top cause of disability across the planet in the 2010 Global Burden of Disease. It is one of the most frequently cited health problems that result in having to skip work. It is the number-two reason that people go to the doctor behind upper-respiratory infections.

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The Art of Pain Management: Diagnosis, Treatment, & Lifestyle

Pain management is not a simple science. Rather, it is an art form. Pain management presents an intricate blend of diagnostic, treatment, and lifestyle challenges – all of which must be overcome to achieve the fastest and fullest possible recovery. Let’s briefly explore how each of the three categories can be best approached to optimize your chances of mitigating your pain and reclaiming a full and active daily life.


Using Multiple Disciplines to Diagnose & Treat PainPain Management Atlanta

The fact is that pain is not always as easy as we would like to diagnose and treat. Because that is the case, multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment is not just an optional strategy for doctors and patients. Instead, it provides a necessary framework to accurately understand specific situations and craft meaningful management plans. Pain management doctors are at an advantage when they have various modalities immediately available to meet unique patient needs.

It’s crucial to take a multidisciplinary approach from the outset rather than using an outmoded “piecemeal” strategy, says Dennis Thompson, Jr., of Everyday Health. The science backs up this claim: recent medical studies offer loud and convincing evidence for the use of multidisciplinary means to treat pain, especially in the areas of chronic back pain and fibromyalgia (1).

Example Multidisciplinary Technique: Ultrasound

An example of a specific technique that is one piece of a multidisciplinary pain management plan is the use of ultrasound in a physical therapy program. An ultrasound machine directs sound waves at the effected part of the body. According to Laurie Sweet, a physical therapist for Johns Hopkins Hospital (2), this process creates heat in the patient’s body, which in turn stimulates blood flow and loosens tissues. The end result is twofold:

  1. easier to stretch and otherwise manipulate the body part
  2. reduction in swelling and inflammation.

How to Manage Pain with Lifestyle Changes

Always follow the recommendations of your pain management professionals, but there are several modifications to your day-to-day routine that can be pivotal in aiding your recovery. WebMD lists the following lifestyle changes to enhance your capacity for long term pain relief (3):

  1. Quit or reduce smoking
  2. Maintain a consistent, healthy sleep schedule
  3. Get regular aerobic exercise
  4. Stretch multiple times a day
  5. Use techniques such as breathing exercises or meditation to reduce stress
  6. Adapt your physical activity to avoid motions that trigger the pain
  7. Utilize assistive devices and technologies, such as voice-activation software.

As you can see, approaches toward pain management these days are broad and complex. Diagnosis, treatment, and lifestyle recommendations for proper pain management are best understood within a multidisciplinary approach. At the Atlanta Medical Clinic, we go beyond traditional medical care by offering not only neurological and physical therapy methods, but chiropractic care as well. If you think a multidisciplinary, integrative approach toward pain management might be right for you, please contact us today.


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Achieving Pain Management Without Surgery

When most people think about pain management, the first thing that many people think of is having to go through surgery.  This can scare people away fropain-management-atlanta-gam wanting to alleviate their pain because not everyone has the time or money for surgery. Surgery isn’t always the only option a person can choose for dealing with their pain.

One alternative method to providing pain management is spinal decompression. Spinal decompression is when a person is strapped onto a mechanical traction device while forces from multiple directions are applied to the spine. This helps get rid of nerve compression by creating a suction effect. Spinal decompression requires no downtime or recovery.

Another option is for a client to attend physical therapy sessions. Sometimes finding pain relief is as simple as following a simple set of exercises that a doctor may recommend. There are several reasons why attending physical therapy are good for relieving pain:

  • Physical therapy stretches and strengthens the compromised area
  • Physical therapy helps retrain muscles
  • Physical therapy help a client regain control of the joint
  • Physical therapy restores balance

Another method for achieving nonsurgical pain management is cold laser therapy. Cold laser therapy is the use of a safely tuned laser to stimulate the body’s nerves, repair mechanisms and systemic defenses. The laser produces a low amount of energy, which is considered a weak stimulus. However there is a biological law, Arnt-Schultz, that states how a weak stimulus can actually cause a strong physiological response. Arnt-Schultz also states that a stronger stimuli can actually stop the body from responding.

With so many choices available for clients to achieve pain management without surgery, there is no reason that a person shouldn’t visit a doctor about treating their pain.

Using Spinal Decompression To Painlessly Eliminate Back Pain

Spinal Decompression Atlanta GaNo one wants to experience back pain. No one wants to experience a painful, time consuming surgery to treat their back pain either. People shouldn’t stress so much about the idea of receiving treatment for their back pain since there are several methods for alleviating the pain that require no surgery or injections at all. One such treatment is spinal decompression.

Spinal decompression, or more specifically non-surgical spinal decompression, is the reduction of intradiscal pressure by using a mechanical traction device that the client is strapped aboard. While strapped to the machine, forces are applied to the lumbar spine from various directions. This creates a suction effect that helps eliminate nerve compression while also helping bring water and nutrients into the disc. There is no pain, surgery or recovery time involved with spinal decompression.

When a person experiences back pain and other treatments (medicine, steroid shots, exercising, eating right) doesn’t help help alleviate the pain, they should really look into having spinal decompression. A person receiving spinal decompression treatments should stay committed to their treatment and make sure they follow all their doctors instructions to receive maximum pain relief.

Since there isn’t any painful surgery or recovery time involved with spinal decompression, there isn’t any reason a person should suffer from back pain without seeking treatment.

Looking for Back Pain Management Information? Here’s something you May Find Interesting!

pain-management1-300x225There are various elements that can produce back pain. The back is a complicated arrangement of bones, joints, ligaments and muscle mass. It is very easy to damage a tendon, stress or hurt a muscle, damage disks, and irritate joints which all contribute to back problems. Recreation or athletic wounds and car collisions are two of the most prevalent causes why people feel major back pain. Several other back pain correlated troubles can occur from the most basic activities as well, such as getting an item up from the ground, terrible stance or making rapid movements. It is just far too simple to for a person to encounter back pain; it is no surprise why it is so prevalent! Other triggers include major health issues such as arthritis, blood clots, bone loss and diseases in a person’s bodily body organs. That is why it is important to seek pain management for your back! Live your life the way you used to with the help of certified physicians.

If you are located in Atlanta, Georgia and are enduring all forms of back pain without discovering why, Atlanta Medical Clinic can help you determine the primary reason of the pain you are experiencing. They can also help ease the pain that is restraining you from experiencing your life to its full capability. Spinal compression remedies, when executed by an accredited doctor, are a very effective technique in pain management. It is beneficial because it diminishes pain, lessens the amount of medication somebody was to utilize, helps boost physical therapy outcomes and entails sooth procedures of treatment. A report carried out by the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research proves that one of the most beneficial remedies for lower back pain is in fact spinal decompression. It is a non-intrusive, drug-free choice to your situation. Atlanta Medical Clinic uses this system for top back alleviation for their clients!