Spring has sprung! And with the changing of the seasons brings along warmer weather, longer days and outdoor workouts! Everyone knows that physical exercise has been linked to various health benefits such as the reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes, improved mood and quality of sleep, reduced stress and more. But did you know that outdoor exercises provide even more benefits? For example, exercising outdoors can have a 50% greater impact on mental health than indoor workouts while also aiding in short-term memory function, reduced inflammation and blood pressure, improved ability to focus, and more. So, reap the benefits of an outdoor workout and get outside this spring!

Outdoor Exercises and the Benefits: 

Walking: A nice walk outdoors can help you break a sweat – and not just from the warm weather. With a range of terrain, fresh air, and steady pace, walking outdoors can help lead to an array of health benefits, including weight management, muscle and bone strength, increased energy levels and improved balance and coordination. 

Swimming: If you’re looking for an outdoor workout that won’t compromise joint health, swimming may be the answer. Helping to significantly improve cardiovascular health while also building endurance and muscle strength, this full-body, low-impact workout is perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels while also providing a daily dose of Vitamin D! 

Hiking: With warmer weather and longer days, there’s never been a better time for an invigorating hike than springtime! Hiking is an excellent way to explore your local community’s parks and hiking trails while also enjoying health benefits such as improved balance and heart health, healthy bones, muscles, joints, and even arthritis pain relief. In addition, because hiking provides varying levels of resistance with each step, it’s a great outdoor exercise to work up a sweat and strengthen the muscles in your calves, quads and core at the same time.

Cycling: When it comes to high-quality outdoor workouts, cycling is tried-and-true. During this outdoor cardio workout, you can choose from winding pathways, roads, or nature trails while improving joint mobility, increasing bone strength and flexibility, aiding in weight management, improving coordination, decreasing stress, and more. 

Strength Training: Not only does exercising outdoors help lower blood pressure and reduce stress, but outdoor strength training can help you break a sweat with nothing more than your body weight! Functional movements such as squats, lunges, planks, push-ups and more can all be done in the warm sunshine while also helping to increase mobility and strength.    

Get Outside with Atlanta Medical Clinic 

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