The knees support our balance and motion when we are standing, walking, and running. This critical joint helps with proper distribution of our body weight and aids the structural integrity of our legs and feet.

Dislocation or subluxation of the knee can occur in response to poor weight distribution or an impact while we are moving. The joint may experience cartilage, bone, or ligament damage, such as tears and fractures, leading to poor alignment. When alignment is improper, pain can occur. The hip joint can become injured as well, frequently when twisting occurs during intense exercise. Hip issues contribute to knee pain by leading to additional stress on the knee.

The pressure that hip problems can introduce to the knees reveals how holistic joint issues can be. Another key contributor to knee pain is shoes. Using shoes that do not properly suit your gait and frame during exercise could bring pain and damage to your joints – in which case you will need a safe and effective Atlanta knee pain treatment.

Exercise Shoes for Normal Feet 

Injuries arise much more often in runners with certain types of feet than others.

There are three basic foot types. When a person’s arch is like most other people’s, that means that the foot is biomechanically normal. During walking and running, the foot will roll inward (pronation) and outward (supination) naturally. Injury is less likely to arise in people with normal arches.

However, you do want to keep the shoe relatively neutral and lightweight in its design. A shoe that has significant cushioning and support is unhelpful and could even change your gait, resulting in pain and the need for a non-surgical knee pain treatment in Atlanta.

Workout Shoes for Supination & Pronation 

The other two types of feet are those that supinate or pronate excessively. The former is called fallen arches or flat feet, while the latter is referred to as high arches or cavus foot.

For those who do have higher than average pronation or supination, the shoes they purchase should be stability shoes that account for those different biomechanics. Pain and injury could result if the shoes do not suit the type of foot.

Finding The Right Knee Pain Treatment

Selecting the right shoes for your foot type can enhance comfort and reduce joint pain during exercise. If you are experiencing knee pain, assessing your footwear could help. However, simply reviewing your shoes may not be enough to bring relief. Atlanta Medical Clinic is a multidisciplinary pain management clinic that focuses on relieving pain at the source. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!