Make Your Weight Loss Resolution a Reality

Many people resolve to lose weight at the beginning of every year. Unfortunately, the majority are unsuccessful with this lifestyle commitment. Here’s some advice.

Weight loss as a New Year’s resolution

Many people fail at their New Year’s resolutions. In fact, 4 out of 5 (81%) aren’t able to keep their resolutions in effect for two years. Losing weight is one of the top New Year’s resolutions, which is reasonable since it directly follows a lot of treats over the holidays. As a specific resolution, losing weight often fails, as indicated by gym membership numbers at the beginning of the year. There are lots of deals on gym memberships in January. Amazingly, 3 in 5 new memberships don’t result in regular gym visits. By March, numbers have bounced back to their typical level.

9 ways to succeed with weight loss

No one wants their fitness goals to evaporate into busy daily life. Here are a few pointers to succeed:

1.    Write it down. Jot down the reasons you want to shed the extra pounds, and read your note when you need inspiration.

2.    Be confident. Don’t fall into the cycle of self-doubt and setbacks. See yourself achieving your weight-loss and fitness objectives. “If things get tough, reach out to a dieting buddy or a sympathetic friend or family member for encouragement,” suggests WebMD.

3.    Monitor your progress. Check the scale to see if there is progress. If not, reconsider your diet and daily activities.

4.    Acknowledge momentum. Look at an old photo of yourself before you started to change your lifestyle, to focus on your improvement.

5.    Don’t go overboard. It is okay to make exceptions and let yourself have a piece of cake – but cut other calories if the treat is frequent.

6.    Take notes. It helps to write down exactly what food you’re eating and specifics on the workouts you’re doing. Review this information periodically.

7.    Go small. Be careful about portion sizes. You can have larger helpings of broth-based soups or vegetables.

8.    Schedule in exercising. You want to get to the gym on a regular basis, but also keep a jump rope handy and get outside for periodic 10-minute breaks during your workday.

9.    Assert control. People who are trying to lose weight often feel that they are being tossed around by their cravings. Step carefully to reestablish control. “If you really crave something sweet, try a small portion,” notes WebMD. “Eat it slowly, savor every bite, and resist the urge to reach for more.”

Succeeding throughout the year

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