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Could Poor Posture Be Causing Your Neck Pain?

Unless chronic neck pain is caused by an injury, the chances are that it is caused by poor posture. Because of the neck’s placement on the body, neck strain can come from the curvature of the spine below, and/or the tilt of the head above. Poor posture not only causes neck pain, but it can also lead to joint degeneration in the spine.

Remember, posture is a habit, so make it good. Breaking bad habits is difficult, but it is doable. So, lift your head up, put those shoulders back, and do your best.

Text Neck

Nowadays, cell phone use is almost constant, and this can cause what is known as “text neck.” It is important to be aware of your posture while checking social media. It’s easy to forget posture altogether when sitting on your phone, causing you to slant your neck forward, placing your head in front of your shoulders. Your head weighs roughly 12 pounds, and your neck muscles support this weight. Research has shown that for every inch you drop your head forward, you double the strain on your neck.

The Workday Slump

Sedentary jobs are a graveyard for good posture. It’s difficult to maintain proper form when you’re sitting in the same position for hours on end. But time isn’t the only factor in this equation. The way that you organize your workspace can dramatically alleviate the strain that you’re putting on your neck.

Tips to Help Nix Neck Pain

  1. Sit up straight.

If you’re in an office setting, consider investing in a lumbar support. An easy way to gauge your posture is to check a mirror to see if your shoulders are directly below your ears. Sitting on the edge of your seat, with your feet flat on the ground, will also help you maintain proper posture.

  1. Look up.

Make sure that devices and computer monitors are at eye level. This will prevent you from slanting your head throughout the day. Though we mostly look down at our phones now, there are times when we actually use the telephone for its original purpose: verbally communicating with other humans. In those rare occurrences, avoid cradling the phone between your shoulder and neck. This puts a strain on neck muscles and can cause neck pain.

Need Advanced Neck Pain Relief?

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