If you’re suffering from knee pain, you’re certainly not alone. From osteoarthritis to injury to wear-and-tear, it affects millions of people every day. In fact, the prevalence of knee pain is an estimated 19% of the population. And as you get older, you’re more likely to suffer. It’s no wonder why knee surgery is one of the most common operating procedures in the US.

Yet today, more healthcare professionals question the abundance of knee surgery. A 2013 study compared two-year outcomes of patients who received surgery versus a placebo group, receiving a “sham” procedure. The authors concluded that there was “no significant between group changes.” Meaning – those who received a fake procedure were no better off than the group with real knee surgery.

Luckily, there are solutions – no surgery or pills required. Read on for Atlanta Medical Clinic’s treatment for patients with knee pain.

Injections for Knee Pain

As your body ages, the fluid in your knees deteriorates and loses its ability to lubricate the joint.  Viscosupplementation, are comprised of a natural solution called hyaluronic acid. The injections cushion the joint and make up for the lack of cartilage in osteoarthritis patients. We recommend a series of five injections over five weeks, along with the necessary physical therapy to ensure the knee is stable.

Physical Therapy

You can strengthen the surrounding tissue through physical therapy for a more stable knee. Through a series of stretches and exercises, decrease knee pain naturally. We work with patients one on one to come up with a custom treatment plan. Atlanta Medical Clinic offers a wide range of treatment options for knee pain, including:


When the body is out of alignment, pain follows. Chiropractic is often gentler than patients imagine – especially with the delicate knee area. Small adjustments, combined with other therapies, increase range of motion and decrease pain in the joint. Plus, when you’re experiencing knee pain, you may need adjustments in other areas such as the lower back where the body compensates misalignment.


A custom brace complements any knee pain treatment. It supports the joint and helps reduce pain by shifting weight off of the knee. Wearing a brace helps those living with knee pain live a more active life.

Before taking drastic measures for knee pain, consider your options. At Atlanta Medical Clinic, we help patients find true relief. If you’re ready to take control of your knee pain, contact us today.