Most of us end our year with promising weight loss resolutions and expectations of making better choices and habits, but so often we fall short. Why is that? Well, we enter the new year, weighed down by the turkey and extra helping of cookies, rationalizing our over-indulgence with the promise that we’d drop those pounds come January 1st. A lot of us fizzle out by the time February rolls around, and we’re left with the weight (literally) of guilt.

“Siri, make me thin”

The reason for failing to stick to our weight loss resolutions is not that we lack self control or motivation, but that we expect our dream body to materialize by sheer will. We prepare for the change by purchasing books, workout equipment, and gym memberships, but we don’t prepare ourselves mentally for the changes that need to be made. We have to start thinking about our health differently in order to truly see a change.

Start with training your brain, not your body

Disappointment is probably the most deadly diet killer. Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed and, ultimately, unsatisfied. Practice being self-aware, and identify those destructive habits that you have, then start by setting small goals for yourself. This will not only build self-confidence, but also self-trust. Make the goals realistic, ensuring success. If you know that it is unlikely that you will go to the gym five times this week, then set that expectation a little bit lower. Create challenges for yourself in order to form healthy habits. Promise yourself that you will only spend an hour watching TV tonight before being productive. Seeking out the positive is another wonderful mental exercise. Optimism is a habit, and it’s important to develop it in order to make your weight loss resolutions a success.

Ask for help with your weight loss resolutions

At Atlanta Medical Clinic, we tailor weight loss programs to your needs. We combine medical, nutrition, and physical therapy to ensure success. We offer constant support and accountability throughout the process. Give us a call! We’d love to help you make 2017 your year.