New Year’s Eve brings a sense of optimism and sense for the future, as people reflect on the year past and plan for things to come. People might be thinking of personal goals, family plans, or all sorts of other milestones when they lay down their New Year’s Resolutions. Weight loss resolutions are among the most common of such programs, but they’re also among those that people fail most commonly.

It’s not for a lack of trying, either, as people shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars on diets and exercise programs to try and meet their goals. Trading out these fad diets and dubious weight loss programs in favor of a medical weight loss program is the best way to get a return on your effort and cut unwanted pounds.

Why Do Most Weight Loss Resolutions Fail?

The incredible amount of time, money, and effort that people pour into trying to lose weight each New Year creates a vast market for weight loss programs. However, these programs tend to be shallow and one-size-fits-all since this is the easiest way to turn a profit. Putting in the effort to create a real, workable program for lasting weight loss and tailoring it to certain body types takes more effort and doesn’t appeal to as many people. As such, people get wrapped up in fad diets and schemes that aren’t sustainable and produce short-term results that quickly reverse. Successful dieting requires an appreciation for the fact that each person is different, and this is where medical weight loss comes into play.

What is Medical Weight Loss?

At the Atlanta Medical Clinic, we’ve created an answer for your weight loss goals that take into account the typical challenges of dieting and the uniqueness of each person’s body. While this incorporates traditional dieting and exercise, it does so with respect for the physical and practical needs that a person has. We also incorporate a third and final pillar by introducing a medical element into our weight loss program, which starts off with an in-depth diagnostic test. After developing a more in-depth understanding of your body through this test, we’re able to proceed with developing a custom health plan that we’ve tailored specifically to you.

First, we detect deficiencies in key vitamins and nutrients and provide you with special supplements and an oral spray to correct these issues and boost your energy levels. With greater focus and energy, you can increase your metabolism and keep on top of exercise and healthy eating more enduringly. As you proceed through the program, we track your progress and the changes in your body to adjust your program as needed.

Achieve Your 2022 Weight Loss Resolutions

When you commit to medical weight loss with the Atlanta Medical Clinic, you can expect dynamic, personalized care that helps you lose pounds and keep them off. Get in touch today to get started on achieving all of your weight loss resolutions.