Back pain can be a debilitating condition that affects every aspect of your life. Because it involves the spine, which is the central axis of the body, everything from head to toe can be affected when pain, inflammation and stiffness radiate outward from the joints in this space. Many people think that back pain comes from an injury, but there are many surprising causes to consider. Here are some of the most effective ways for the medical team at Atlanta Medical Clinic to provide relief and pain management

Poor Posture

It’s no surprise that poor posture is one of the leading causes of back pain. More of us than ever are living mostly sedentary lives, and the resulting poor muscle tone and spinal alignment that strains the surrounding tissues leads to even more reports of the condition. Spinal manipulation is one of the most important tools available for pain management and relief in these cases. Chiropractors are specially trained physicians that will use their hands or simple tools like an Adjustor or Percussor to soften straining muscles, move inflammation out of the area, and to align spinal bones and joints for relief. Physical therapy may be recommended as a great way to rebuild postural awareness and strength.

Spinal Compression

In between the bones of the spine are supportive discs that provide cushioning for movement and also maintain space for the nerves that branch out to support the rest of the body. In some cases, these spaces start to become compressed, either from injury or degeneration of the tissues in the discs and surrounding areas, causing pressure on the nerves that result in pain. Spinal decompression with the DRX9000™ is an incredibly innovative, non-surgical, and non-invasive option that treats this type of pain by reversing the pressure on the discs and increasing the space between vertebrae. Studies show significant declines in pain and disability and supported healing through the reduction of pressure and introduction of nutrients and oxygen into the disc spaces.


Inflammation acts as an alarm system, stimulating pain as a safety mechanism—if we feel pain in an area when we move, then we will likely move in a more gentle, careful way to avoid it. In some cases however, inflammation lingers in the spaces around an injury long after the healing process has begun or even completed, stimulating a pain response even when there’s no need for one. An alternative treatment like H-Wave electro-therapy uses mild electrical impulses to painlessly confuse your body’s pain signals, and to stimulate circulation and movement of the fluids in the area to move inflammation out of your system.

Delayed Healing

A number of factors contribute to how fast the body heals from an injury, including genetics and treatment protocol and even nutrition, stress levels and sleep quality. For some conditions, it can be incredibly beneficial to use Cold Laser therapy treatment to encourage healing. The laser’s low level of energy increases circulation to increase nutrient and oxygen levels to the injured tissues, while decreasing inflammation, swelling, and pain.

Has Back Pain Compromised your Active Lifestyle?

We’re all meant to live an enjoyable, active life, but it can be challenging to stay mobile and find joy in what you do when you’re suffering with a condition like back pain. At Atlanta Medical Clinic, we want to help you do something about it! Our diverse team of highly trained medical professionals will work together to create a comprehensive treatment plan that meets your individual needs. Contact us today for a consultation and to learn more about your options for pain management and relief.